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WATCH: Trump Blasts De Niro’s Disgusting Award Speech After Conforming to the Hollywood Elites

Heartfelt Remarks on De Niro’s Fall from Glory by Donald Trump


In a display of his characteristic fiery rhetoric, former President Trump recently expressed his displeasure with Hollywood veteran Robert De Niro. On his platform of choice, Truth Social, he offered remarks concerning De Niro’s skills as an actor.

This intervention occurred nearly a week after the renowned actor referred to him pejoratively during a speech at the prominent Gotham Awards in New York.

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Trump directed his remarks toward De Niro, an individual whose acting abilities, he believes, have greatly lost their lustre. His exact words implied that De Niro’s standing in the entertainment industry has deteriorated, leading him to rely on teleprompters for delivering factious speeches.

Furthermore, he unfavorably critiqued De Niro’s language during his speeches, which he described as disrespectful to our nation. In his view, De Niro, who he claimed had become irksome on celluloid, has conformed with those who have reportedly led the course of the Academy Awards astray.

According to him, the once reputable Academy Awards ceremony has now become inconsequential due to its decline in traditional societal ratings. He then dispensed some advice, suggesting that De Niro should concentrate on his own, supposedly disorganized affairs rather than meddling in the lives of others.

Expressing his sentiments bluntly, Trump labeled De Niro, on a global stage, a complete failure and proposed that the world is now observing, waiting on events to unfold, and deriving mirth from this situation.

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De Niro, a widely acclaimed cinematic performer, possesses a career that spans over six decades. His contributions to cinema have been recognized extensively, earning him a Golden Globe, the Cecil B. DeMille Award, a Screen Actors Guild’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and even the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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During this Gotham Historical Icon and Creator Tribute award presentation, intended to honor director Martin Scorsese for ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’, De Niro seized the opportunity to criticize the former president. De Niro levelled serious allegations against him, insinuating that falsehoods had been propagated during his time in office.

In his public address, the seasoned actor boldly accused the former president of misleading the public myriad times throughout his four-year term. He further took aim at him for supposedly targeting the vulnerable, causing harm to natural treasures, and demonstrating a lack of respect.

As reported by De Niro, despite the former president’s continued actions, an air of vengeance accompanies his endeavours. Nonetheless, De Niro contended that the perceived deceit could not obfuscate the truth about the real persona within.

De Niro, in his golden years, momentarily faltered during the early part of this speech. However, he regained his composure, disclosing that the seeming confusion arose from the surprising omission of his prepared commentary on the past president from the teleprompter.

The seasoned actor laid the blame on tech giant Apple for these unexpected edits to his prepared remarks, expressing his disbelief and his outrage at their audacity in censoring his intended comments.


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