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Trump’s Poll Numbers Surge as Biden Faces Lowest Approval Rating Yet

Joe Biden Faces Staggering 59% Job Disapproval, Trump Gains Support


Renowned pollster John McLaughlin recently shared his insights on the current state of polling in an interview with radio host Michael Patrick Leahy.

As President Joe Biden’s approval ratings continue to plummet and ordinary Americans feel the impact of ‘Bidenomics’ on their paychecks, there is a growing indication of potential success for former President Donald Trump in the upcoming election. Interestingly, it appears that every time Trump faces legal trouble, his poll numbers tend to rise.

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One of the latest polls by Morning Consult shows Trump leading the race with 61 points, while his closest competitors, DeSantis and Haley, are significantly behind with 13 and 7 points respectively.

These numbers reveal a clear advantage for Trump, contradicting the perception that the race is tied. It’s important to note that the Morning Consult poll surveyed registered voters, not likely voters. The intensity of Trump supporters suggests a higher likelihood of them showing up on Election Day.

Contrary to previous years, Trump is currently leading in the RealClearPolitics average of national polls. In fact, a recent poll conducted by McLaughlin himself, which sampled 1,000 likely voters, revealed that Trump is winning by a margin of 47 to 43 over Joe Biden in the national popular vote.

Surprisingly, this poll showed that 2020 Biden voters are shifting their support to Trump in 2024. The reason behind this trend seems to be the dissatisfaction with the current state of the economy and a lack of confidence in Bidenomics.

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In another poll conducted for Newt Gingrich, it became evident that Joe Biden has a staggering 59 percent job disapproval rating. American voters are not naive; they have recognized the positive impact Trump’s policies had on their lives.

During Trump’s presidency, gas prices were stable at $2 per gallon, and families could afford grocery trips without breaking the bank. However, under Bidenomics, grocery costs have increased substantially, putting financial strain on households. These economic realities significantly influence voters’ perception of the current administration’s policies.

The rough numbers on Bidenomics indicate a lack of support among voters, with 24 percent favorability and 47 percent unfavorability across all categories. Biden’s campaign platform is hinged on the success of his economic policies, but voters are expressing their skepticism.

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According to the poll, 67 percent of respondents believe the economy is worsening, while only 25 percent feel it is improving. Additionally, a staggering 69 percent of voters believe the country is on the wrong track. These figures reflect the sentiment that Biden’s leadership is falling short in fulfilling the promises made during his campaign.

The recent legal challenges faced by Trump have stirred a political storm, with his opponents attempting to financially ruin him in New York.

The actions of Democrat supporter Letitia James, who is trying to dismantle Trump’s multi-billion dollar empire in what appears to be a politically motivated move, only reinforce the perception of unfair treatment. American voters are closely watching these developments and it has only strengthened their support for Trump.

One aspect that leaves many conservative voters disillusioned is the lack of unity among Republicans. Despite Trump facing repeated indictments and legal battles, there is a notable absence of vocal support from the Republican Party.

The lack of defense in the courtrooms raises questions about the purpose of having an opposition party if they are unwilling to fight for their leading candidate. This sense of abandonment further fuels support for Trump, as his supporters question the party’s integrity.

It’s also important to remember that the president is not elected through a national popular vote but by the electoral college, which means there are 51 separate races, including the District of Columbia.

Evaluating the races individually, it becomes evident that Trump’s prospects are even brighter when facing off against Biden. Trump’s chances of success are particularly strong in the toss-up states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

If these states were to lean towards Trump, it could result in a significant electoral landslide, potentially securing 304 electoral votes compared to the 232 last time.

Undeniably, the demographics of conservative voters show a growing inclination towards supporting Donald Trump in the upcoming election. As his poll numbers rise amidst legal troubles and economic concerns, there is a newfound sense of optimism among his supporters.

The dissatisfaction with Bidenomics and the perception that the country is on the wrong track have led many voters to reevaluate their support and consider a shift in their political allegiance.

Despite being a polarizing figure, many conservative voters view Trump’s presidency as a time of stability and prosperity.

They reminisce about the days when gas prices were affordable, supermarket trips were manageable, and the economy seemed strong. The current state of affairs has left them yearning for those times and questioning the effectiveness of Biden’s policies.

At the same time, the legal battles faced by Trump have only solidified his standing among his supporters.

The perception that he is being unjustly attacked by his opponents resonates strongly with those who believe that the political system is biased against conservative values. The lack of unified support from the Republican Party has only fueled this sentiment and reaffirmed their conviction that Trump is the rightful leader who deserves their continued support.

Looking ahead to the upcoming election, it is evident that Trump holds a significant advantage over Biden in the minds of conservative voters.

The polls show a clear preference for Trump’s policies and an increasing disillusionment with Bidenomics. With the right support and effective campaigning, Trump has the potential to secure an electoral landslide in key battleground states, thereby solidifying his claim to the presidency.

As national and state polling unfolds in the coming months, it will be crucial to carefully analyze the shifting dynamics and the sentiment of voters. This election will undoubtedly be a defining moment for the country, one that will shape the course of the nation for years to come.

Whether it’s the impact of economic policies, reactions to legal battles, or the changing demographics of conservative voters, everything will play a role in determining the outcome of the election.

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The rise in Trump’s poll numbers amidst legal troubles and economic concerns is a testament to the growing support he enjoys among conservative voters.

With the upcoming election on the horizon, there is palpable excitement and a renewed sense of hope among his supporters. As they evaluate the current state of affairs and the implications of Bidenomics, they believe Trump’s policies hold the key to a brighter and more prosperous future.

It’s important to note that while Trump’s rising poll numbers suggest a shift in public sentiment, the ultimate decision will be made by the voters at the ballot box.

The demographics of conservative voters provide a strong base of support for Trump, but it will be crucial for his campaign to resonate with a broader audience and address the concerns of all Americans. The fight for the presidency is far from over, and the coming months will undoubtedly be filled with intense political discussions and campaigning.

As the election draws nearer, it is crucial for voters to engage in informed discussions and analyze the policies and track records of each candidate. The future of the nation is at stake, and a well-informed electorate is the cornerstone of a thriving democracy. Regardless of the outcome, it is clear that conservative voters are reevaluating their political choices and demanding more from their leaders.

In conclusion, the current state of polling suggests a potential electoral landslide for former President Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

Trump’s rising poll numbers, coupled with widespread disillusionment over Biden’s policies, have led conservative voters to reconsider their support. The impact of legal battles, concerns over the economy, and the changing demographics of conservative voters all contribute to this shift.

While the road to victory may not be easy, Trump’s campaign has the opportunity to secure an electoral landslide, securing a bright future for conservative voters and the nation as a whole.

It is important to emphasize that this assessment is based on current polling data, and the dynamics of the election may change over time.

The ability to adapt campaign strategies, address voter concerns, and connect with a wide range of voters will be crucial for both candidates. The upcoming election promises to be a pivotal moment in American history, determining the path the nation will take for years to come.


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