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Trump’s Legal Team Seeks Mistrial in Civil Fraud Case

Trump Spotlights Judicial Bias, Calls for Retrial in Civil Lawsuit


Ex-President Donald Trump recently lodged an appeal for a fresh trial in his civil deception lawsuit, asserting the judge assigned is prejudiced against him.

The appeal application, submitted on a Wednesday, cites according to Trump’s legal counsel, ‘The proofs of perceived and actual bias are palpable and abundant.’ The submission further sheds light on Judge Arthur Engoron and his law clerk, around whom numerous issues raised by Trump’s attorneys as well as the former president himself have resulted in the judge imposing a silence edict reported by CNN.

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Regardless of numerous objections, Judge Engoron has expressed an unwavering stance against hearing the appeal motion. Initially, he advised Trump’s attorney against the submission but later allowed it to be filed in written form.

Lawyers representing Trump, in the motion, emphasized, ‘In this case, there is an ample amount of perceived and clear bias. Coupled with a deviation from standard court processes never witnessed before, these proceedings have been affected, necessitating a retrial.’

In response to his discussions with his law clerk, the judge defended his position claiming an ‘unrestricted right’ to deliberate on legal matters with her. He further elucidated varying regulations vis-à-vis political donations while the clerk is involved in a campaign, which was relevant at one point. Engoron’s gag order restricts Trump and his attorneys from speaking about court personnel or, more specifically, his interactions with his law clerk.

The gag order has been flouted on two occasions and fines imposed on Trump thereafter. Currently, Trump stands liable for the years of fraudulent activities and falsifications utilized for accruing wealth for his family and himself. No matter how much Trump attempts to obscure his fraud, the reality will always find its way to the surface.

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As the seventh week of the court proceedings commenced, the defense team for Ex-President Trump was already structuring its strategy. Further fueling the controversy, Trump took issue with New York Attorney General Letitia James following his recent courtroom appearance. Leveraging his Truth Social platform, he criticized her for her visible satisfaction, taking personal jabs, and connecting it with larger societal issues of crime and flight of businesses in New York.

Observers noted the attorney general seeming pretty pleased as Donald Trump Jr. testified in a New York City courtroom on Monday. Notably, the trial’s usefulness is in question as presiding Judge Arthur Engoron previously determined that Trump and his venture, the Trump Organization, were civilly liable for overvaluation of assets to negotiate superior loan terms.

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Even then, he has not settled on the penalty yet. Attorney General James is seeking a whopping $250 million in penalties, along with prohibiting Trump’s any future business in the state. Critics believe that this lawsuit stems from a political bias as James had pledged to ‘bring down’ the former president during her campaign.

On the heels of his recent court appearance earlier this week, Donald Trump Jr., the former President’s son, also launched verbal attacks on James, predicting the city would call for businessmen like his Father to return. NYC, having seen many established business agencies leave due to a deteriorating quality of life, will ‘plead’ for figures such as his father to make a comeback.

Donald Trump Jr. stated, ‘This marks a case where the attorney general persecutes her political adversaries.’ He emphasized that the financial statement, primarily under review in the case, has no linkage to him or his brother, Eric Trump. ‘This statement has no connection with my brother or me, but it doesn’t matter because it’s a witch hunt,’ Trump added.

Describing James as ‘a high-handed attorney general who would ravage all of the New York business community by scrutinizing transactions where no one is victimized,’ Trump highlighted how the case could negatively impact businesses in the city. ‘This behavior is unfortunately reminiscent of the Democratic Party in New York nowadays,’ he told reporters.

‘It sets a terrifying precedent. I am uncertain how anyone could conduct business in this city under such conditions,’ he commented. He continued to express that anyone within banking and real estate fields would understand this, but they refrain from voicing it out for fear of landing themselves in trouble.

Trump reflected on the situation, ‘This happening now is nothing short of a disgrace.’ His hope is for the residents of this city to grasp the current situation, realize the detrimental practices at play, and understand the madness amidst them.

Finally, he concluded with the hope that the inhabitants of this popular metropolis would, in the fullness of time, plead for individuals like Donald Trump to return to New York City and redefine its skyline like he had done over several decades.


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