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Special Counsel Jack Smith Admits Crucial Evidence was Withheld in Trump Case

Newly Discovered Video Error Shakes Trump’s Classified Documents Case


In a recent filing with the federal court, Special Counsel Jack Smith acknowledged that his team had mistakenly claimed to have turned over all evidence in the classified documents case against former President Donald Trump.

The prosecutors discovered that a crucial video used as evidence had not been processed and uploaded for the defense to view. This discovery came as they were preparing to indict Carlos De Oliveira, the property manager of Mar-a-Lago, on charges of conspiring with Trump to delete surveillance footage.

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Therefore, the government’s representation at the July 18 hearing that all surveillance footage had been produced was incorrect.

According to Smith’s team, all CCTV footage obtained by the government has now been given to the defendants, in compliance with the Brady rule, which requires prosecutors to disclose all evidence favorable to the defendant.

The case has seen Trump plead not guilty, as he has done in the other three cases against him. Trump expressed his disappointment, stating that this was a sad day for America, and he referred to the situation as the ‘persecution of a political opponent’ that was never supposed to occur in the country.

Alina Habba, a lawyer and spokeswoman for Donald Trump, openly criticized the way legacy media has reported on her client’s legal cases. Speaking to Newsmax TV after Trump’s indictment in Fulton County, Georgia, Habba brought attention to the issue of ‘fake news’ affecting the public’s perception of these cases.

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She suggested that this problem is not new, referring to previous instances such as the Russia hoax and impeachment hoax. Habba expressed her concern that the influence of fake news is seeping into the court and justice systems.

Habba pointed out the divide between right-wing and left-wing media, where individuals tend to watch shows that confirm their existing beliefs. She emphasized the importance of seeking the truth and avoiding saying what people want to hear.

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Habba stressed that honest Americans should not fear being targeted for their views, or else the country would face significant challenges. Addressing the issue of distrust in television news, she acknowledged the need to fix the problem and urged everyone to take it seriously.

Furthermore, Habba echoed Trump’s concerns about the lack of trust in television news and considered it a serious matter. She acknowledged that not all Americans view the situation in the same way, highlighting the need for transparency and accountability.

Habba emphasized that Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis, who is bringing charges against Trump, should be prepared to face the repercussions and the fight that will ensue in court.

In a positive turn of events for Trump, Judge Scott McAfee ruled that he would not be required to stand trial alongside his co-defendants Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell in October. Both Chesebro and Powell had filed a ‘speedy trial’ motion.

The reports indicated that McAfee had severed the case of these two co-defendants from Trump and the remaining sixteen defendants, granting the former president some relief ahead of the Fulton County trial.


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