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Trump’s Lawyer Habba: Prison Time is Not Even in the Realm of Possibility

Trump’s Legal Team Ready to Take Each Case Head-On

Alina Habba, who offers her legal expertise to the former President, Donald Trump, recently stated that the concept of Trump facing prison time doesn’t even cross their minds. In a discussion with Carl Higbie from Newsmax, when inquired whether Trump might be imprisoned for breaking a gag order, Habba answered confidently, demonstrating that Trump is safeguarded by the Secret Service at all times.

She further reassured, saying there’s no need for apprehension since he committed no wrongful acts. Being sentenced to jail typically entails a serious error in judgment and she doesn’t see that being the case for Trump.

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She took the opportunity to touch upon the topic of corruption, implying that legal and extralegal foul play does occur. While acknowledging that some might attempt to put Trump in the clutches of the law, she declared the attempts would hit a dead end as trials are fact-driven and these particular facts line up in their favor.

Expanding upon her point, she explained that the Secret Service is mandated to protect Trump regardless of his location. This is a fact that doesn’t even occupy mind space for them as they deem all the legal actions against Trump as rooted in politics rather than criminal actions.

Habba further clarified there’s no evidence that Trump has committed any criminal or civil wrongdoing.

She even questioned if enriching banks is now seen as a civil wrongdoing. Higbie, chiming in with his comments, playfully referred to Trump as the ‘Orange man,’ to which Habba initiated a lighter banter, labelling the situation as a classic instance of ‘Trump derangement syndrome’. She maintained her composure, reassuring that neither should they be worried, nor the American public.

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In the midst of all this, Trump has been placed under a gag order in both the civil fraud case and the federal election obstruction case. Last week, he was fined $10,000 for a violation of this gag order in his civil fraud case. Parallel to these occurrences, D.C. Judge Tanya Chutkan reinstated a gag order to prevent Trump from verbally attacking court officers and witnesses, which led to Trump expressing his displeasure about Chutkan on Truth Social.

During an interaction on Fox News last month, Habba spoke passionately about the legal attacks on Trump and their belief that the trial schedules, set startlingly at the height of the Republican primary in March 2024, seem like a calculated maneuver to disrupt Trump’s campaign.

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She expressed confidence in the readiness of their legal arsenal, highlighting that the situation gives them an opportunity to actively litigate the case and critically analyze all information. She reminded everyone that only one side of the argument has been presented thus far, characterizing the indictments against Trump as being politically motivated.

She shrugged off the seriousness of the case, defining it as a ruse to upend the electoral timeline. Responding to a question about the timeline for the case in Georgia and its potential clash with the D.C. case, Habba stated emphatically that if particular individuals associated with the continuous litigation against Trump had their way, they would schedule all trials in the same week, a notion she dismisses as farcical and glaringly obvious.

According to her, it seems like the fate of these multiple trials will be decided amongst the judiciary. She emphasized the untenability of expecting a single defendant to juggle multiple cases simultaneously.

Demonstrating skepticism at the hurried grand jury proceedings against Trump years after the portrayed events, she questioned the sudden urgency. She suggested the motive behind the rush being to divert public attention from the perceived shortcomings of the current administration.

Pointing out potential election interference, she confidently stated the plan to highlight the unrealistic scheduling of multiple trials for a single person.

Linking this to an agenda of certain individuals having promised to ‘get Trump’ during their election campaigns, she called for the upholding of due process and constitutional norms. She stated her hope for impartial judges, expressing her faith in the currently assembled legal team.

She kept a positive outlook, communicating her own and Trump’s strong resolve to face each individual charge. The connections drawn between Hunter Biden’s controversy and the unprecedented indictment, addition of charges, and subsequent re-indictment of Trump were startlingly clear.

The coincidence of these trial dates with key election events such as the Iowa caucuses and Super Tuesday was particularly conspicuous.

She concluded by accusing the opposition of blatant election interference, a sentiment mirrored by the news anchor. In such challenging times, she reaffirmed her faith in their steadfast legal strategy. She promised to keep the public updated about further developments, shedding light on their point of view.

Navigating through complex legal structures and political gamesmanship, Habba’s astute portrayal of their defense strategy paints a picture of a battle against a politically motivated juggernaut.

This saga offers a peek into the complex inner workings of a high-stakes legal and political showdown, where the ultimate winners and losers aren’t just the accused and the accusers, but possibly, the very fabric of our democratic system.

While the wheels of justice turn beneath the glare of political spotlights, Trump’s legal team seems unyielding in their battle against what they perceive as an effort to tarnish their client’s political aspirations. As Habba succinctly put it, ‘We will take each one head-on.’

Regardless of how the charges are seen by the wider public, the confidence exhibited by Trump’s legal team sends a message of strength and resolve. As events continue to unfold, there’s no doubt these cases will play a role in shaping the future political landscape. Meanwhile, Trump continues to contribute to the political narrative, certain of the beneficial outcome.


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