Trump’s Campaign Rakes in $7.1 Million After Mugshot

Trump’s Mugshot Goes Viral, Boosting Fundraising Success


Former President Donald Trump’s campaign has generated an impressive $7.1 million in funds since his voluntary presence at the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office.

Trump, along with 18 others, stands indicted in a 41-count indictment consisting of a sprawling 98-page document prepared by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Notably, the authorities took the opportunity to capture his likeness for a mugshot, marking this as the first time Trump has experienced such a situation in relation to any of his four ongoing criminal cases.

Embracing the opportunity to reconnect with his supporters, Trump finally reclaimed his Twitter presence, ending a two-year hiatus.

He unveiled his mugshot, providing a graphic depiction of his current predicament, while also offering his followers a link through which they could contribute to his campaign. It was on August 25, 2023, that Trump’s webpage welcomed this return to social media engagement.


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Capitalizing on this attention-grabbing image, the Trump campaign offered merchandise featuring the mugshot, accompanied by the assertive slogan, “NEVER SURRENDER!”. As the days progressed, the campaign achieved remarkable results, reaching new heights in fundraising.

An auspicious Friday witnessed the campaign’s most lucrative day to date, raising an astounding $4.18 million. Trump adviser Steven Cheung confirmed this achievement, adding, “Organic contributions have experienced a meteoric rise, particularly after @realDonaldTrump shared the image alongside the website URL.”

With mounting legal challenges, Trump’s campaign embarked on a remarkable financial journey, accumulating nearly $20 million over the last three weeks.

This surge in funds correlates with his indictment by both Willis and Special Counsel Jack Smith, who accuse him of orchestrating events related to the January 6 Capitol Riots. Breitbart News received insight from a campaign aide, disclosing that the Trump campaign is on track to exceed the $20 million threshold in just a matter of days.

To secure his temporary release in the Georgia case, Trump provided a bond amounting to $200,000. This amount stands as the highest among all the co-defendants involved in the proceedings against him.


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