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Trump’s 2024 Campaign Receives a Home Run Endorsement from Mariano Rivera

Legendary Yankee Rivera Stands Behind Trump for 2024 Race

President Donald Trump shakes hands with former New York Yankees baseball pitcher Mariano Rivera during ceremony presenting the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Rivera, in the East Room of the White House, Monday, Sept. 16, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Former United States President and renowned business tycoon, Donald Trump had quite a momentous Sunday, reveling in the endorsement of his possible 2024 Presidential bid. The endorsement came from an unexpected quarter, legendary baseball star Mariano Rivera, who is known for his longtime, dedicated service with the New York Yankees.

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The reputed Yankees star expressed his support for Trump, during an enlightening discussion with a local radio host, Sid Rosenberg, on WABC. Rivera confirmed his intention to vote with pride for what he referred to as his ‘companion’, the former President, in the upcoming November elections.

Mariano Rivera and Donald Trump have shared a cordial relationship for quite some time. This connection was further solidified in 2019 when Trump honored Rivera with the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom. This event served as an important chapter in the professional baseball player’s life.

Reflecting upon the honor, the legendary sportsman had a sense of genuine warmth and affection in his voice during the interview. ‘Experiencing the gratification of obtaining the United States’ highest civilian honor, the Medal of Freedom, bestowed by none other than Donald Trump was indeed a defining moment,’ said Rivera.

Not playing down the significance of the moment, Mariano vividly expressed his response to receiving the medal. He emphasized that the precious moment of having the Medal of Honor placed around his neck by Trump was a distinctive and memorable event that he would always cherish.

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Sid Rosenberg, the radioman who was conducting the interview, showed his solidarity with Rivera’s political stance. He confessed his concerns regarding the future of New York and the world at large, expressing his hope for a significant change with the return of President Trump in the next elections.

Touching on more personal notes, Rosenberg revealed his worry for his older daughter, soon turning 20, and his teenage son. He felt that if the nation is to prosper, President Trump’s leadership would be an essential component in ensuring the nation’s security and welfare.

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‘Do you echo my beliefs?’ asked Rosenberg, seeking reassurance from the revered Rivera. Without any hesitation, Rivera corroborated Rosenberg’s fears and beliefs. ‘President Trump has always been in close companionship with me,’ he said.

‘Before he took the seat of the most powerful man in America, he was someone I knew closely. It is this friendship and trust that prompts me to vote for him,’ continued Rivera, articulating his reasons for supporting Trump’s candidacy. His words exhibited the profound respect and camaraderie he has for Trump, and his belief in Trump’s capability to lead the country.

True to form, Donald Trump reciprocated the endorsement and expressed his gratitude for it. He uploaded the interview to his ‘Truth Social’ account, throwing more light upon Rivera’s endorsement of his candidature. He also shared a throwback photo commemorating the occasion of Rivera’s receipt of the Medal of Freedom back in 2019.

The illustrious career of Mariano Rivera is enough to command respect in itself. Rivera is a celebrated figure in the world of sports and a prominent player in the baseball hall of fame. His accolades are numerous and awe-inspiring, making his endorsement a thing of great value for Trump.

A 13-time All-Star, Rivera has been instrumental in securing a whopping five World Series champion titles. Coupled with his title as a one-time World Series Most Valuable Player, it’s clear that Rivera’s words resonate powerfully within the baseball community and beyond.

Continuing his legacy despite retirement, Rivera’s journey from being a sports personality to a recipient of a national honor has been inspiring. His association with the Yankees, from 1995 to 2013, showcases an unwavering dedication and raw talent that renders his endorsement all the more meaningful.

The year 2019 was extra special for him, as it was when he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. His unanimous induction distinctly set him apart in the sports fraternity, further solidifying his legacy as a paragon of dedication and success in baseball.

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