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Trump’s Team Reached Out to RFK Jr. ‘Early On’ About Serving as VP: ‘Wouldn’t Write It Off’

Trump-Kennedy Alliance: Recipe for a Colossal Election Victory?

Donald Trump, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Joe Biden

Insiders connected to past President Trump have quietly engaged in exploratory discussions with Robert F. Kennedy on the potentially explosive idea of him joining as the vice-presidential candidate, according to confidential sources. Early feelers were emanated in the direction of Kennedy by Trump’s team almost immediately following the announcement of Kennedy’s presidential run in April 2023, an event that caused quite a stir in political circles.

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Mr. Robert Kennedy, a stalwart political figure at the age of 70, entered the race initially as a representative of the Democratic Party before declaring his independent candidacy. However, his clear disinterest in aligning with Trump has remained consistent even amidst rumors and speculations. To date, he has steadfastly rejected any suggestion of assuming the role of Trump’s vice-president.

A well-known and significant financial contributor with ties to both Trump and Kennedy has revealed that the intriguing talk around the possibility of ‘drafting’ Kennedy – offspring of the legendary erstwhile Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy—retains its allure in circles associated with Trump. However, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has consistently dismissed the rumblings about him contemplating the vice presidency with Trump.

While the story hasn’t crowded public discourse, it has continued to generate murmurs and whispers. The contributor hinted, ‘This has mostly been brewing under the radar. It might surface more conspicuously as things develop.’

One tension point is Kennedy’s infamous opposition to vaccinations, which sits in interesting contrast to Trump’s history. The 45th President is remembered, in part, for championing and funding the creation and deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine amid a global pandemic. The alliance between these two figures could indeed stir a fascinating dynamic.

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This duality is seemingly unperturbing to Steve Bannon, a former key strategist in the Trump White House, who retains close ties with the past President. Bannon dared to predict in an August statement that a Trump-Kennedy alliance might unlock a “colossal victory” at the polls.

With Trump’s surging popularity as evidenced by his convincing wins in early contests such as Iowa and New Hampshire, it has all but cemented his status as the presumptive nominee for the upcoming 2024 presidential race for his party.

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Consequently, rumblings and conjectures around his choice for a running mate have never been more heightened. A few prominent names surfacing in the discussions have served to fuel excitement and curiosity among political observers.

Among these, New York Rep. Elise Stefanik has been whispered about quite a bit. Her vibrant style of leadership and strong representation in the House have made her a compelling choice in the eyes of many.

Another name being linked to the Trump ticket is Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina. His impressive tenure and reputation for getting things done have made him a compelling choice in speculation circles.

Lastly, Senator J.D. Vance, the Republican stalwart from Ohio, is also floating among the list of potential choices. His strong grassroots connection and ability to resonate with people have attributed to his appeal.

While none of these possibilities are yet confirmed, each holds a unique allure, and all stand to reshape the political landscape significantly if, indeed, chosen for this high-stakes political race.

It remains crucial, though, to underline that Kennedy has to-date stood firm in his stance to not pair up with Trump. Despite the rounds of semi-confirmed rumors, Kennedy’s statement denying interest remains the only tangible and own-account perspective on his intentions.

Thus, all remains conjecture and speculation as we await the crystallization of Trump’s next political steps and the revelation of his much-anticipated choice of running mate.

Whether it will be a calculated political veteran or an unexpected dark horse only time will tell. For now, the rumored options read like a who’s who of modern conservative politics, promising an intriguing run up to the 2024 presidential election.

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