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Trump Warns Biden Will Face ‘Indictments’ Once Next President Comes to Power

Is Biden Manipulating DOJ For Personal Gain? Trump Speaks Out


Echoes of cautionary words resounded from our former leader, Donald Trump, as he foreshadowed a potential scenario where President Joe Biden might find himself facing ‘indictments’ by the succeeding authority. In an interesting turn, Trump hinted at the possibility that similar legal actions might be taken against Biden, should he return to the White House. Delving into his reasons for evading the prosecutions related to the events of January 6 at the Capitol, Trump vehemently supported his presidential immunity, as these charges were linked to his time in office.

In his assertive rhetoric, he accused Biden of manipulating the Department of Justice (DOJ) for personal political advantage. ‘[Biden] directed his DOJ to act, to ‘Indict him.’ Is this a desperate attempt to lift his sinking polls? Is this the only way he believes he can secure victory? It’s truly disgraceful. This has never been seen in America’s history before, but here we are,’ Trump eloquently stated.

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Trump seemed to drop an ominous hint, suggesting Biden might find himself in the same predicament. He reminded everyone that the next leader would have a statute of limitations spanning six years. ‘That’s quite a stretch, Joe. One must tread carefully. Our primary duty is to safeguard and protect our nation. We need to do what is best for America,’ Trump admonished, calling out Biden for cornering his political opponent.

Trump emphasized on his belief that political opponents should not be indicted just for disagreement over the legitimacy of an election. He currently stands against an array of 91 criminal charges.

Simultaneously, a pressing matter awaits the U.S. Supreme Court, a matter involving Trump, and has no luxury to be sidelined anymore. The question at hand is whether the 14th Amendment bars him from pursuing the Presidency, labeling him an alleged insurrectionist.

Amid an already politically charged legal situation, they cannot content with a simple affirmative or negative. The case encompasses an array of unique and intricate legal issues. The justices might seek a loophole to evade a decision, which either disqualifies Trump from the upcoming election or accords him a significant victory in public relations and legal terms.

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The Supreme Court has announced its readiness to consider Trump’s appeal against the Colorado ruling that disqualified him for his actions leading up to the fateful saga of January 6, 2021. An expedited hearing has been scheduled for February 8.

While conversing with Politico, Ned Foley, an election law professor at Ohio State University, reasoned that the Court might find itself inclined towards procedural routes that avoid addressing the main issue head-on. ‘I certainly could understand if the court would like any of the procedural avenues that would avoid squarely addressing any of the merits. As a matter of first instinct, I think that would be attractive,’ Foley said.

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Nonetheless, Foley felt such a move could be detrimental for the nation. He argued that if the Court’s verdict is excessively technical or just delays dealing with the central issue — i.e., Trump’s constitutional eligibility to run for office again — it could instigate more disorder.

He also opined that the situation could go haywire if Democrats attempted to leverage the insurrection argument to hinder Trump’s retaking of office, in case of his electoral victory. These tumultuous times reflect a crossroads of meaningful decisions and preceding precedents for our legal and political machinery, powerful enough to shape the future course of our democracy.


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