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Trump Warns American’s that They ‘Won’t Have A Country’ If He Loses The Election

Trump Urges the Upkeep of American Values in upcoming Election

The decision to uphold American values and safeguard the integrity of our nation are largely entrusted upon the voters in the forthcoming presidential elections. During a recent interview on ‘One Nation’, aired on Fox News, ex-President Donald Trump didn’t mince words in expressing his concerns on the state of affairs. He urged fellow Americans to cast their votes wisely in November, indicating that the fate of our country relies heavily on the choice we make.

In his chat with Fox News anchor Brian Kilmeade, Trump discussed a wide array of significant topics, among which his speculative presidential showdown against incumbent President Joe Biden on November 5th resonated strongly. Trump emphasized the critical nature of this particular day, stating, ‘The most important day in the history of our country is going to be November 5.’ He went on to express his concern about the perceived downward spiral of our country and his hope for change post-November elections.

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Another intriguing aspect Trump addressed during this segment was the remarkable evolution of Truth Social, the social media platform he launched following his presidency. After the reported merger of Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) with Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC), a reputable shell corporation, the path was set for Trump’s business venture to make an exciting plunge into public trading.

Truth Social was conceived as a formidable competitor to prevalent social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Post-merger, it is currently managed by the newly formed organization. Industry analysts on Wall Street estimate the valuation of TMTG to be around $9 billion, presenting an impressive business prospect.

This merger also means that Trump, who owns 58% of the established business, stands a chance to become the first U.S. president to wield significant authority in a public trading entity, should he triumph in the impending November elections. Although this is not his first foray into the stock market, the momentous occasion does not lose its charm.

In his conversation with Kilmeade, Trump shed more light on the merger and his new social media platform. When asked about the growing stock value, Trump responded, ‘It’s amazing how Truth has given me a voice.’ He also highlighted the unfairness of his abrupt removal from Twitter and the subsequent silence he had to endure.

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Trump seemed to view this soaring success of his platform in the stock market as a reflection of widespread public sentiment, interpreting it as an informal ‘poll’. He further added, ‘I view it as the voice of America. It’s my voice.’ It’s evident that Trump’s venture has captured the public’s attention, if the stock performance is any indication.

In addition to these developments, Trump received favourable news last week in the form of poll results indicating a surge in his approval ratings, even among Democrats. According to surveys conducted by Harvard CAPS/Harris, there is an observable shift in the attitude of Democrats towards Trump’s unconventional political style.

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As reported by Newsweek, an increasing number of Democrats appear to believe that Trump could potentially catalyze positive change in the country. The survey results of March revealed that about 33% of the Democrats think along these lines, marking a consistent rise from previous polls conducted in February and January. Meanwhile, Democrats who considered Trump as a ‘risk to the democracy’ have seen a gradual decline.

These findings have certainly built intrigue around the impending electoral battle between Trump and Biden. Although recent polls have projected promising prospects for Biden’s reelection bid, the growing acceptance and support for Trump among Democrats could significantly influence the electoral dynamics.

Despite these, there are polls suggesting Trump’s lead ahead of or at least on par with Biden across key swing states since the beginning of the current year. It appears increasingly clear that Biden’s path to re-election is not going to be smooth, with the latter part of the presidential race expected to be quite competitive.

A recent USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll also posited a close field between Trump and Biden, with Trump outpacing Biden with a marginal lead of 40% to 38%. The survey suggests that a considerable section of the voters remain indecisive and are open to being swayed as the presidential campaign progresses.

USA Today noted, ‘Nearly eight months out, the election is not set yet.’ The publication further indicated that one out of four surveyed voters could alter their decision before November, demonstrating widespread bipartisan uncertainties with 14% of Biden voters and 15% of Trump voters holding potential to change their vote.

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