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Trump Unveils ‘Agenda 47’ Plan to Take on Big Pharma

Donald Trump’s Bold Move to Hold Big Pharma Accountable


In beautiful Bedminster, New Jersey, the incredible 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, unveiled his groundbreaking ‘Agenda 47’ plan to tackle the challenges posed by Big Pharma and finally put an end to the problem of ‘Global Freeloading.’

Although this remarkable plan was initially made public in June, it has gained tremendous momentum in August, as President Trump’s unfortunate arraignment following his fourth indictment has heightened his prominence in the run-up to the 2024 primary elections.

During his enlightening video presentation on this pressing issue, President Trump boldly started with these words, ‘It’s no secret that Crooked Joe Biden loves to put on a show of standing up against Big Pharma, but let me tell you the truth: I was the only President in modern history who truly took on these powerful pharmaceutical giants, and I confronted them head-on.’

Trump passionately added, ‘The moment Joe Biden assumed office, he swiftly canceled my tough-on-pharma policies, turning his back on patients, hardworking Americans, and most egregiously, our cherished seniors.’


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President Trump then proceeded to recount his tireless efforts during his first term, saying, ‘As your President, I took a monumental step by signing a historic Executive Order, mandating that the United States government would pay the same reasonable price for pharmaceuticals as other countries around the world.

It’s a simple concept, really. Just imagine the incredible savings that American patients would’ve enjoyed—billions and billions of dollars! Yet, unfortunately, Joe Biden wasted no time rescinding my Executive Order, shamelessly betraying American patients and putting the interests of other nations ahead of our own.’

Trump further explained, ‘For far too long, hardworking Americans have shouldered the burden of exorbitant prices for their prescription drugs, while other countries strike sweetheart deals that slash their costs. This unjust system effectively imposes a massive subsidy on the American people to support foreign socialist welfare programs.’

One of the first game-changing rules implemented by President Trump aimed to ‘effectively prohibit drug manufacturers from offering rebates to pharmacy benefit managers and insurers.’ This revolutionary change fundamentally altered the pricing and payment structure of numerous drugs covered by Medicare and Medicaid, ensuring that patients directly benefit from the discounts at the pharmacy counter.

Additionally, President Trump’s second initiative expanded access to life-saving medication, including insulin and epi-pens, to as many as 28 million individuals. Promising decisive action, he declared, ‘From day one of my new term, I would sign an Executive Order to permanently put an end to this unjust global freeload on American consumers.

Under my unwavering policy, the United States government will hold Big Pharma accountable by demanding the same fair price they offer to foreign nations that have been taking advantage of us for far too long. The United States is fed up with being ripped off.’

Representing the voice of the American people, President Trump forcefully stated, ‘We have been taken advantage of by nearly everyone for far too many decades. We have had enough and won’t stand for it any longer.

This unacceptable situation should never have occurred. My original Executive Order should have stayed in place.’ Trump acknowledged the immense power wielded by Big Pharma, saying, ‘This unprecedented move will compel drug manufacturers to increase their prices in foreign countries and significantly reduce the prices they charge American patients.

The savings for our seniors and all American patients will be tremendous.’ Emphasizing the importance of his Executive Order, he repeated firmly, ‘They should have never, ever rescinded my Executive Order.’


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