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SEE: Trump Trolls Nikki Haley with Hillary Clinton Meme

Is Nikki Haley the New Hillary Clinton?


In the battle for the GOP presidential primary, the narrative centers around the powerful presence of an ex-POTUS and an emerging face, Nikki Haley. As part of his communication strategy, the former President has been actively sharing various memes on his social media platform, Truth Social.

One particular image features an altered picture comparing Nikki Haley and Hillary Clinton, which seemed to strike a chord with the audience. The memes critique Haley’s performance in the Iowa caucuses and former comments, following the triumphant result of finishing first in Iowa for the former President.

With the New Hampshire primary around the corner, the anticipation can be felt across party lines. Within this context, an image portraying likeness between Haley and the 2016 presidential race opponent, Hillary Clinton, surfaced on Truth Social.

The meme indicated beneath Hillary’s picture the name, ‘Haley’. The similarities seemed to piggyback on criticisms of ‘neo-conservatives’ that have been thrown at Haley from within the party.

Poll predictions are painting a fortuitous picture for the former President in the imminent New Hampshire primary. Just a few days away from the event, a new poll suggests that it is the former President’s race to win. Garnering 50% support as per the recently released Suffolk University/NBC10 Boston/Boston Globe tracking poll, the ex-President is clearly the favorite among potential Republican voters.

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Meanwhile, Nikki Haley, trailing in second place, shows a following that falls below 34% as per the same poll. Brought up at the rear, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis musters a mere 5.2% verdict. These numbers come under further scrutiny as the lesser-known candidates traverse New Hampshire, hunting for each possible vote.

Reflecting on the results of the Iowa caucuses, where the past President claimed a resounding victory, these poll numbers indicate a strong grip that he has maintained within the GOP electorate. The numbers draw a stark contrast with only less than 5% affirming they would vote against Haley. In the meantime, nearly 90% of the supporters of the previous leader and twice-impeached POTUS, who currently faces four criminal proceedings and other civil legal actions, are vocal about choosing him.

Delving deeper, we see 37% of Haley’s followers saying they wouldn’t be voting for the prior President, whereas around 54% favor her. Close to 36% of the polled participants identify as moderate, while a substantial 56% admit to being conservatives or exceptionally conservative. This demographic clearly resonates with the principles of the ex-President.

Regarding second choices for the poll participants, nearly 30% declared DeSantis as their alternative, while Haley remains favored by about 10%. It is undeniable that DeSantis has experienced a rocky beginning to the campaign trail.

The earlier primary contest in Iowa presented the former President with an impactful win, further solidifying his status as the favored GOP candidate for the 2024 elections. Community centers, schools, and churches around the state had served as venues for the caucuses. Despite challenging weather conditions, the turnout was enormous.

The overwhelming support for the previous President in the Iowa Republican caucuses led to a victory marging of nearly 30 points, surpassing former Senator Bob Dole’s 1988 record of 13 points. Joe Biden, the incumbent President, soon acknowledged the victory on his preferred social media platform, X, previously known as Twitter.

President Biden quickly recognized the former President’s leading position in the GOP presidential race. His statements following the Iowa results were immediate, acknowledging his opponent as the ‘clear front runner’. The recognition set off a flurry of fundraising efforts for Biden, who promptly criticized ‘extreme MAGA Republicans’.

According to Biden, the electoral battle lines are clear- it’s about voters versus ‘extreme MAGA Republicans’. The results in Iowa, he stated, didn’t change this reality. It was the truth yesterday, and it will undoubtedly hold true tomorrow.

Expressing the sentiments after the victorious Iowa caucuses, the former President spoke with Fox News. The elated leader declared feeling ‘invigorated’ and ‘greatly honored’ to have won the intensely contested 2024 caucuses. He took this opportunity to show gratitude towards the high-quality competition he faced.

Far from being just a personal victory, the ex-President saw the results in Iowa as a testament to the desire to ‘get our country back’. His words expressed a deep concern about the numerous adverse events that had transpired over the prior three years, which he declared are yet ongoing.

Our nation’s recent political path is a cause for concern for many, and particularly for the former President. His victory in Iowa served as a reinforcement of his convictions. The former President, carrying the trust of a significant section of the conservative demographic, seems poised to channel this momentum into overcoming ensuing challenges and aiming for future victories.


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