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Trump Set to Be Final Witness in Ongoing Civil Fraud Case

Unwavering Trump Ready to Counter $250M Civil Fraud Allegations Head-On


In a highly anticipated trial involving a disappointing $250 million civil fraud case unfolding in New York, the defense has marked the man who led this nation, Donald Trump, as their final witness. One of his diligent attorneys, Christopher Kise, has confirmed it, reports CNBC.

The testimony by the nation’s 45th president is slated for Dec. 11, as promised by New York’s Attorney General Letitia James, entangling him and his co-defendants in accusations over the alleged exaggeration of Trump’s assets for financial advantage.

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Moreover, it has been revealed that Trump’s own progeny, Donald Trump Jr., will also step into the spotlight, voicing his defense testimony on Dec. 6. The former president, his son, and another offspring, Eric Trump, have all taken their turn at the stand, responding to the carefully plotted inquiries laid out by the team under James.

Unfazed and still ambitious, our 45th president, Trump, who nurses hopes for recapturing the Oval office in 2024, has characterized the case as a byproduct of unfounded persecution against him. Misgivings of political prejudice were raised by Trump against James, but did not spare the judge handling the case, Arthur Engoron of Manhattan’s Supreme Court or his high-ranking law clerk either.

Judge Engoron, in his attempt to maintain the professional sanctity of the proceedings, has placed restrictions on public remarks from Trump himself, his legal counsel, and the other defendants in the case, particularly concerning his law clerk, Allison Greenfield. Additionally, Engoron recorded his perturbation over the numerous and gratuitously hostile messages targeting his accommodations during the ongoing trial.

In related news, an update on the four charges brought against the former president, Trump, surfaced courtesy of another lawyer part of his legal team, doubling as his representative with the media, Attorney Alina Habba.

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During an appearance on a renowned national news broadcast Fox News, Habba did not hold back in discussing the charges against Trump and the speculation surrounding their timing, two of which are conveniently set to debut in March 2024, a strikingly inconvenient time—smack dab in the midst of the GOP primary.

According to Habba, ‘We’re ready for what lies ahead. As attorneys, we relish the litigation process, examining the detailed information and putting across our viewpoint on the matter. It’s crucial to mention that our perspective hasn’t been publicly discussed yet. The four charges are just that — allegations essentially amounting to one-sided claims, a mere strategy devised to disrupt the presidential race against the leading contender.’

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The conversation revolving around the charges and their impact on GOP’s electoral timeline spurred the interviewer, Pete Hegseth, into questioning, ‘So, this is all farce tailored to meddle with the electoral process timeline. That much is evident. With the D.C. court timeline set for March 4th, a day prior to Super Tuesday, earlier than your team anticipated, what is your foresight regarding Atlanta’s timeline? What will their approach be and how do you plan to counteract their moves?’

In response, Habba declared, ‘These charges brought forth by Jack Smith, Fani Willis, D.A. Bragg, and Letitia James, if left to them, ideally would all be scheduled in the same week. But, this scenario is ridiculous and an obvious plot. The judges will have no choice but to resolve this amongst themselves as you cannot burden one defendant with multiple cases.’

Evaluating the timeline, Habba added, ‘The sequence of events from the indictment to the hastened Grand Jury, rushed even years after the incidents, all indicate a clear intent. Amidst the chaos, let’s deflect Americans’ attention away from Biden’s struggles in office, monopolizing their bandwidth with President Trump-related controversies.

Let’s face it; these charges amount to nothing more than fabrications. Naturally, we will argue that it’s logistically impossible for one individual to stand trial in four geographically distinct locations. We will highlight it as a blatant attempt at interfering with the election.’

Standing by his team, she adds, ‘We’ll closely scrutinize every individual involved and call out those who sought office by vowing to nail Trump. We remain hopeful that our Constitution and the justice system will ultimately prevail. Unfortunately, if fair judges aren’t assigned to this case, seeking justice might prove harder than expected. However, our formidable legal team stands prepared, and both myself and the president are confident. We are ready to tackle this head-on.’


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