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Trump Team Demands for More Debates with Biden Before Election: ‘America Deserves As Much’

Fixing the Biased Debate Schedule: Towards a Fairer Election Cycle

The overarching team behind the 45th American President, Donald J. Trump asserted on a recent Thursday that the schedule of the presidential debates should be restructured. They believe that in consideration of the modern habits of early voting and the growing reliance on mail-in ballots, these crucial debates should occur at an earlier date in the election cycle. Their argument also extends to a suggestion for having more presidential debates than the present proposal of three, stating that given the significant stakes of the impending 2024 election cycle, American citizens deserve increased opportunities for direct engagement.

Trump’s campaign co-managers vividly project that a substantial number of almost a million voters will have already cast their votes by the time the first debate materializes. They caution that by the third debate, this figure might swell to as many as 8.7 million voters. The figures provide a compelling argument, underscoring the urgency of their propositions regarding the scheduling and number of debates.

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In their discourse, a distinct tone of suspicion towards the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) features prominently. They contend that the CPD has, in the past, exhibited an apparent bias against President Trump. This viewpoint isn’t baseless but is rooted in their experiences during the 2020 debates.

Drawing from the debatable past, Trump’s campaigners recount how the CPD capitulated sketchily to the requests of the Biden campaign during the 2020 election. They argue that fairness in such a pivotal public discourse as presidential debates is vital, insisting that the CPD needs to guarantee this fairness with unprejudiced conduct in the upcoming, CPD-sponsored 2024 debates.

Historical instances of alleged bias by CPD were also brought up, hinting at a deep-seated mistrust. The campaigners recall how the CPD had decided to mute Trump’s microphone during an interruption of Biden, indicating a prejudiced debate moderation. They also commented on the perceived unfairness in not rescheduling a debate during Trump’s battle with COVID-19.

Their proposed solution for this perceived bias and early voting issues is comprehensive. Trump’s campaigners, in their conclusion, suggest the schedule should include more debates than the currently suggested three. They build this argument by drawing a comparison with an iconic American historic milestone.

The impressive seven-debate series during the legendary 1858 U.S. Senate race between former President Abraham Lincoln and ex-U.S. Senator Stephen A. Douglas is used as a base for their argument. The team emphatically opines that ‘Our America today deserves just as much.’ This resonates with a call for a more inclusive, engaging, and transparent democratic process in the country.

In terms of potential candidates, Real Clear Politics’ polling average has Trump getting the better of Biden in nationwide polling in the recent months. Despite the Republican candidates’ tendency to not overly rely on a strong performance in popular votes – reminiscent of events from 2000 and 2016 – these polls show a promising path ahead for the Republican camp.

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Historically, the pattern suggests that a Republican hopeful can lean towards underperforming in the popular vote while maneuvering to capture the election overall. However, Trump’s comfortable position in the nationwide polls indicates that the 2024 election cycle may forge a different narrative unveiling new possibilities for the Republican camp.

The future looks exceptionally bright for Republicans in 2024, particularly if they are proficient and committed in articulating and communicating their party’s agenda. Trump’s team believes a key element to success lies in the ability to effectively critique the policies they describe as the Biden administration’s ‘America Last’.

A platform where Trump himself can take on these issues can provide significant pushback against the current administration. The suggestion of additional, earlier debates aims to provide just that – a ripe opportunity for the communication of Republican values and the critique of the opposition.

With the likelihood of Trump besting Biden in the polls, it’s clear there’s a demanding call for a robust expression of the party’s agenda. Balanced debates which resonate with voters could set the tone for the 2024 election cycle and elevate the party’s vision for putting ‘America First’.

Therefore, from the Trump campaign’s perspective, an increase in the quantity and an earlier scheduling of the presidential debates augur well for a truly democratic election cycle. It could provide an ideal platform for effective communication of their agenda, critical evaluation of their opponent’s policies, and a definitive step on the campaign’s path to secure victory in 2024.

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