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WATCH: Trump Targets Soros-Backed District Attorneys in Latest Campaign Video

Trump Voices Concerns Over ‘Communist’ and ‘Marxist’ DA’s


In a recent campaign video, the 45th president, Donald Trump, raised concerns about the influence of liberal billionaire George Soros and Democrat donors. Trump expressed his conviction that the United States faces a threat due to the appointment of ‘Marxist’ and ‘communist’ district attorneys, promising to address this issue if re-elected in 2024.

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He stressed the urgency of combating corruption and the weaponization of the justice system, which he believes undermines the American way of life. Trump pledged to restore fairness and equality under the law, appointing US attorneys who would counter the influence of Soros and other similarly aligned prosecutors.

Trump asserted that the attorneys he selects will be dedicated legal warriors, ready to fight crime and communist corruption with great fervor. His vision involves an extensive overhaul of the Federal Department of Justice and FBI, initiating investigations into civil rights violations by local district attorneys aligned with Marxism.


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Trump highlighted concerns of selective enforcement based on an alleged radicalized bias in decision-making that goes against societal norms. Additionally, he emphasized the need for a thorough examination of police tactics, particularly when it comes to arresting conservatives and Christians, with the aim of holding accountable those responsible for any misuse of power.

The former president insisted on confronting what he called ‘radicalized law’ in schools and advocated for reforming far-left bar associations.

Trump expressed worries about the purge of conservative lawyers from major law firms and emphasized his commitment to ensuring the preservation of the legal system.

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He underscored the significance of the legal system as one of the greatest achievements of Western civilization and called on his supporters to unite against what he referred to as ‘Marxist barbarians’ whose aim is to dismantle it.

Addressing concerns about the state of the justice system, Trump argued that it is essential to counter the perceived influence of George Soros and other Democrat donors.

His criticism centered on district attorneys who align with Marxist ideals, claiming that they hinder justice by selectively refusing to charge numerous crimes.

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Trump expressed his determination to reverse this trend, assuring the public that his appointed attorneys will prioritize impartiality and work towards safeguarding the interests of the American population and the country as a whole.

Trump highlighted the need for a thorough investigation into the utilization of police state tactics by federal authorities.

He aimed to determine the individuals responsible for ordering such actions with the intention of holding them accountable. The former president emphasized his commitment to upholding the principles of law and order within the country.

Beyond addressing immediate concerns, Trump raised further points related to the legal system. He argued for a proactive approach to confront the perceived radicalization of law in schools.

He also expressed the need for reform within far-left bar associations, in order to counterbalance any potential purging of conservative lawyers from major law firms. Trump’s commitment to protecting and preserving the legal system remained at the forefront of his message

In his campaign video, Donald Trump outlined his agenda, focusing on the restoration of balance within the American justice system. Concerned about alleged corruption and manipulation, he played on the significance of the justice system as a bedrock of American society.

Trump pledged to appoint attorneys who would actively oppose the influence of George Soros and others who share similar views within the legal community.

The former president stressed the importance of impartiality in the pursuit of justice. Trump asserted his commitment to appoint attorneys characterized by their unquestionable dedication and drive.

He sought to instill confidence in the American people by promising a complete overhaul of the Federal Department of Justice and the FBI, ensuring that civil rights investigations would take place into district attorneys suspected of having Marxist tendencies. His goal was to address concerns about selective enforcement and potential bias in decision-making processes.

One of the focal points of Trump’s campaign video was the alleged employment of police state tactics by federal authorities. Determined to shed light on these actions, he vowed to identify those responsible and hold them accountable.

Trump’s proactive stance aimed to protect the rights and freedoms of conservatives and Christians, thereby fostering a sense of confidence in the integrity of the justice system.

Expanding on his vision for the justice system, Trump emphasized the need to address perceived issues within education. He voiced concerns about what he referred to as ‘radicalized law’ in schools, likely referencing the influence of certain ideologies within curricula.

Additionally, the far-left bar associations and the potential purge of conservative lawyers from major law firms were deemed areas requiring immediate attention and reform.

Highlighting the importance of the legal system, Trump considered it one of the greatest achievements of Western civilization. His determination to safeguard this achievement energized his campaign message. Trump rallied his supporters, urging them to join forces against ‘Marxist barbarians’ who, in his view, threatened to dismantle this treasured hallmark of society.

Drawing attention to the influence of George Soros and Democrat donors, Donald Trump sought to address his concerns about the appointment of district attorneys who he believed adhered to Marxist principles.

By emphasizing the potential consequences of selective enforcement, Trump aimed to garner support for his vision of a reformed justice system. The former president vowed to appoint attorneys who exemplified the opposite values and who would work relentlessly to protect the interests of the American population.

The importance of investigating the use of police state tactics by federal authorities resonated in Trump’s campaign message. For Trump, accountability was key to maintaining legitimacy and fairness within the justice system.

By focusing on this issue, he aimed to reassure conservatives and Christians who felt marginalized or targeted, promising to uncover any abuse of power and hold the responsible parties accountable.

Looking beyond law enforcement, Trump seized the opportunity to address related concerns. He identified the influence of what he referred to as ‘radicalized law’ within schools as another area where attention and reform were urgently needed.

Trump highlighted the significance of far-left bar associations and the need to shield conservative lawyers from any potential exclusion or purge within major law firms.

Donald Trump’s commitment to the preservation of the legal system remained unwavering throughout his campaign video. Emphasizing its importance as one of the greatest achievements of Western civilization, he rallied his supporters to join him in safeguarding it against what he depicted as the threat of ‘Marxist barbarians.’

Trump’s dedication to restoring balance and impartiality within the justice system remained a central focus, resonating with his supporters.

With concerns about justice lingering, Trump honed in on the perceived influence of George Soros and Democrat donors. By addressing these concerns, he hoped to mitigate worries about the appointment of district attorneys who aligned with Marxist ideals.

Trump positioned himself as the candidate who would restore integrity and impartiality in the justice system through the appointment of attorneys that would represent the values of fairness and justice for all.

To counter perceived issues with selective enforcement, Trump vowed to appoint attorneys who embody the polar opposite of the district attorneys with ties to Soros and others in alignment with their views.

With the promise of overhaul and reform, the former president instilled faith in his supporters, assuring them that a system guided by fairness and equally applied justice under the law could be achieved.

In his campaign video, Trump expressed his commitment to the American justice system. Focusing on what he deemed corruption and weaponization within the system, he urged the American people to join him in rectifying these perceived flaws.

Trump promised to appoint attorneys who would stand against corrupt Marxist influences, pledging his dedication to preserving the principles upon which America was built and ensuring equal justice for all citizens.


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