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Trump Slams Biden’s ‘Bidenomics,’ Claims Downturn in Economy

Trump Warns of Potential Consequences of Biden’s Incompetence


In a recent interview on ‘Kudlow’ with Larry Kudlow, the previous President Donald J. Trump criticized the current Democrat President Joe Biden and his approach to the economy, which Trump referred to as ‘Bidenomics.’

Trump compared the thriving period during his administration to what he considers a downturn under Biden’s leadership.

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Kudlow pointed out the stark differences in mortgage rates, highlighting a 2.65 percent rate at the end of Trump’s term versus the current 7.51 percent that is negatively impacting the market.

Additionally, Kudlow mentioned the significant rise in grocery prices, citing a 20 percent increase compared to the 1.9 percent inflation rate during Trump’s tenure, which economists consider the ideal target.

As the conversation delved into job growth, Kudlow shared statistics indicating that the economy generated 4.9 million jobs in the first 30 months of Trump’s presidency.

In contrast, despite the temporary setbacks caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Biden’s regulations have only resulted in the creation of 2.1 million jobs during the same timeframe.

Responding to Biden’s claims of 13 million new jobs, including a million manufacturing positions, Kudlow deemed it as false information, labeling it a ‘disgrace.’

He challenged the substantiation of these figures and suggested that they may be counting the economic recovery following the pandemic.

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However, the most notable critique aimed at Biden pertained to his understanding and characterization of the ‘MAGA’ movement.

Kudlow compiled instances where Biden criticized ‘MAGA Republicans’ and deemed the ‘America First’ policy as a repetition of failed policies from the past.

Trump stated that Biden lacks comprehension of what MAGA truly represents and wouldn’t be able to articulate its platform when questioned.

Trump highlighted Biden’s difficulty in uttering ‘Make America Great Again’ accurately and expressed concern over his competency as he engages in global negotiations.

Trump warned of potential consequences, including the likelihood of a world war, due to Biden’s perceived incompetence beyond just tax policies.

Apart from criticism of Biden’s economic approach, Trump also mentioned other aspects that resonate with his supporters. One key area Trump addressed was Biden’s disconnect from the concept of ‘MAGA.’

Trump observed how Biden consistently refers to ‘MAGA people,’ suggesting his lack of familiarity with the underlying meaning of the movement.

Trump further criticized Biden’s halting speech patterns, questioning his capabilities as a leader shaping international relations.

Trump’s concerns extend beyond taxes, emphasizing the perceived incompetence of a man tasked with negotiating on behalf of the United States.


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