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Trump Says Kamala Harris Would Be a Better President than Joe Biden

Trump Gives Voice to Growing Unease over Biden’s Leadership


The past leader of our great nation, Donald Trump, recently expressed his candid thoughts regarding current President Joe Biden and his potential successor, Vice President Kamala Harris. Engaging in an insightful conversation with the renowned conservative legal expert and broadcaster, Hugh Hewitt, Trump broached a subject that has been floating in the minds of many: Could Kamala Harris be a superior option as president compared to Biden?

While he acknowledged a certain degree of skepticism, he voiced his belief that given the current state of affairs, most people could not possibly fare worse.

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Engulfing this speculation in a deeper insight, Trump predicted an interesting political landscape in the near future. He suggested that a vote cast for Biden in the upcoming term might in essence translate into a tacit endorsement for Harris.

Comprehending the intricate political dynamics and strategies at play, Trump emphasized that the Democratic party might find itself bound to Harris, should Biden choose not to run for the next term.

Elaborating on this, Trump commented, ‘It seems that the Democrats are almost obligated to rely on her for various reasons. Should Biden decide not to run, it appears that the party would be compelled to front her as the candidate.

Although various experts suggest this, I am not necessarily certain that this is an accurate forecast. However, while it’s hard to conclusively determine whether she would be an improvement, I tentatively believe she could potentially bring a more positive change than Biden.’

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The atmosphere within the Democratic party appears to be shifting too. There’s a growing sentiment among Democrats for new leadership to surface and challenge Biden’s candidacy. In tandem with this, there seems to be an increasing doubt among Democratic voters concerning Biden’s capacity to execute another term effectively.

In the midst of this uncertain political environment, Trump scrutinized Biden, setting the stage for a prospective 2024 face-off, reminiscent of their 2020 encounter.

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Hewitt, drawing on this topic, questioned Trump regarding Biden’s lack of active engagement with media. ‘We’ve observed that Biden has offered no more than three extended interviews recently. What kind of message does this convey about our current President?’ Hewitt inquired.

Trump responded assertively, criticizing Biden’s leadership skills both in the present and in the past. ‘He lacks competence. He was equally, if not more, deficient 25 years ago if you analyze his policies then.

However, his current ineptitude is truly alarming. It’s an unsettling fact that he might not be competent enough to discharge his duties efficiently. In fact, I sincerely believe that his inefficient leadership could potentially pose a threat to the democratic principles of our nation,’ Trump explained.

A significant part of their conversation revolved around the numerous legal indictments that the Biden administration had initiated against Trump. He alleged that these court cases were politically motivated attacks orchestrated by the Biden-led Department of Justice. ‘These cases are essentially Biden’s trials—his administration’s concerted efforts.

It’s important to realize that these so-called trials are a targeted offensive against a political adversary at a level unprecedented in history,’ expressed Trump.

Hewitt further probed into the legal challenges Trump was facing, specifically the decision by the Colorado Supreme Court to exclude Trump from the state’s 2024 ballot. The court’s decision cites the ‘insurrection clause’ of the 14th Amendment, despite the fact that Trump has not been formally charged or convicted of this particular crime. Trump’s legal team, as per his confirmation, is currently working on an appeal against this audacious move.

‘We’re in the process of questioning this decision, because it seems to be a blatant disavowal of the voters’ rights. This group—who I’ve effectively challenged and defeated on numerous occasions in the past—is at it again.’ Trump responded. He was forceful in his denouncement of his legal adversaries, terming them as ‘radical left lunatics’ who resort to litigation at every possible twist and turn.

Trump further exemplified his defiance by recalling his triumph against their previous accusations related to emoluments, thereby highlighting the chronic tendency of his opponents to ‘sue on anything.’ This group’s determination to press lawsuits, he felt, was a clear demonstration of their extreme and irrational behavior.

‘This case is a particularly ludicrous one. If they were to succeed in this, it would bring about severe repercussions for our nation and as you know, that would be a huge problem,’ Trump shared. He adamantly pronounced that such an action would be severely detrimental to the country, a sentiment he believes many of his supporters and others within the nation would echo.

Throughout the interview, Trump conveyed a sense of alertness around the growing unease with President Biden’s leadership among both conservative and democratic communities. Many share his sentiments about the potential implications beyond just leadership, but to the foundational values that define this nation. His candid conversation with Hewitt served as a stark reminder that political tensions remain high in a united push for strong and reliable leadership.


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