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Trump Sounds 2024 Election Alarm: A Resilient Hope on Independence Day

Scandal, Controversy and the Fourth: Trump’s Bid to Reclaim America


On our nation’s Independence Day, the former President Donald Trump chose to use this occasion to critique his successor, President Joe Biden, and drew attention to a controversial representation of Hunter Biden and Dylan Mulvaney, a popular figure.

The ex-President made known his sentiments through a sequence of messages posted on Truth Social on Tuesday, where he referred to Biden as ‘underhanded’ and expressed disapproval for the conduct of a U.S. special counsel chiefly responsible for pursuing criminal allegations against Trump for retaining classified government records.

Additionally, he reposted a meme showing a scandalous image of an unclothed Hunter Biden with a lit cigarette placed between his lips and Mulvaney edited into the picture.

‘We extend our warm wishes for a joyous FOURTH OF JULY to all. We are striving diligently to reclaim our country and on a mission to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. The election in 2024 is our final ray of hope!’ wrote the former President on his social media platform.


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He then proclaimed that there are ‘Communists, Marxists, and Fascists’ conspiring against him, devising plans to prevent his political return by imputing ‘baseless’ charges and leading investigations against him; he considers these efforts as an attempt to manipulate the election and an unfounded witch hunt.

In his statement, Trump asserted, ‘As I increase in popularity and my polls continue to ascend, the Communists, Marxists, and Fascists are responding more erratically and devising baseless charges and election manipulation strategies, all under the influence of a rampant and thoroughly corrupt DOJ/FBI.’

In continuation to his opinion, he berated Special Counsel Jack Smith as ill-minded and referred to him as a ‘manipulated puppet’ under the control of Attorney General Merrick Garland and an ‘underhanded’ Biden.

‘The Republicans need to make a hardened stand or else the Democrats will seize yet another election victory,’ Trump added. He reciprocated a social media post that questioned the credibility of the 81 million votes secured by Biden in the 2020 elections and remarked on the unfamiliarity with any visual demonstration of Biden’s support, such as Hats, Shirts, or Flags.

In response to the post, Trump stated, ‘That’s correct: Absence of Biden hats everywhere. I’ve never encountered one either!’ The President, who has the historical significance of being impeached and indicted twice, also ridiculed Biden for his deficiencies during public addresses.

Upon hearing the statement where Biden asserted that ‘Putin is on a losing streak in Iraq’ and repeated it, Trump responded with ‘everyone, inevitably, realized through this confirmation that we, unfortunately, have a confirmed and hazardous idiot occupying the White House. The future of the USA cannot be compromised this way!’

Since vacating the presidential office, Trump has been indicted twice. He was indicted in March, in New York, for his supposed involvement in payments intended to remain undisclosed made to adult entertainment professional Stormy Daniels precedent to the Presidential election of 2016.

He was indicted a second time in June on federal charges for the supposed inappropriate handling of classified government documents at his private Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

Trump vehemently denies these allegations and has declared himself to be innocent in response to all charges.

Notwithstanding this legal predicament, Trump continues to demonstrate a clear lead against his competitors, with a significant point difference, for the Republican Party’s nomination in the presidential election scheduled for 2024 according to the polls.

In contrast to Trump’s activities and statements on Independence Day, the current President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden opted for a more traditional celebration.

The Presidential couple marked the Fourth of July with a celebration conducted on the well-groomed South Lawn of the White House on Tuesday.

The contrast between the activities of the former and current presidents on our nation’s Independence Day paints a vivid picture of the political landscape and the ongoing political tension.


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