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Trump Receives Positive Update in Jack Smith’s Case That Could Lead to Dismissal of Charges

Jack Smith’s Emotionally Charged Case Looks Good for Trump


On Tuesday, Paul Sperry, a Senior Reporter for Real Clear Investigations, disclosed that legal sources have suggested one of the charges against Donald Trump, brought forth by Jack Smith, may be dismissed.

“Since Trump never underwent a federal interview, the USC 1001 false statement charges against him are likely to be dropped,” stated Sperry.

While these claims are yet unverified, they could potentially weaken Smith’s case if confirmed.

Sperry also criticized the indictment filed by Jack Smith over the January 6 events. He pointed out that the indictment is laden with emotionally charged language but lacks substantial facts and evidence. “The document includes 63 mentions of ‘fraudulent/fraudulently,’ 94 of ‘false/falsely,’ five of ‘fake,’ and three of ‘sham,'” Sperry added.

Additionally, Sperry reported on another case against Trump regarding classified documents. According to legal insiders, Smith’s obstruction case, which centers around Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, hinges on an email containing an ’emoji’ related to a security camera footage that was never actually destroyed.

These cases follow two recent indictments against Trump by Jack Smith, as earlier covered by the DC Enquirer. The first indictment concerns classified documents allegedly held at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, and the second pertains to Trump’s actions after the 2020 election.

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Further scrutiny has been cast on the special counsel’s office following revelations that top aides met with White House staff mere weeks before the indictments were issued.

Caroline Saba, the deputy chief of staff for the White House counsel’s office, and Jay Bratt, a senior aide to special counsel Jack Smith, met at the White House.

While the nature of their discussion remains undisclosed, the timing raises questions about possible White House influence over a case against President Biden’s primary political adversary.

Peter Carr, a spokesperson for the special counsel, stated that the meeting was purely for a “case-related interview.” Nonetheless, as Trump faces multiple indictments and civil cases in the coming year, any charges being dropped could offer some relief to the former president.

This occurs as Democratic prosecutors and the Biden administration’s Department of Justice appear to aim at preventing Trump from running for office again, thereby circumventing the public’s choice for President of the United States.


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