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Trump to Enact Travel Ban if Elected, American Streets Won’t Mirror France

Trump Reasserts Tough Migration Stand Amid French Turmoil


During an event in Iowa, the ex-US President, Donald J. Trump, drew particular attention to his resolution to reimpose a more stern migration policy to avoid incidents like the recent uproars in France.

The former president opined that anarchy erupted in France in response to the lethal shooting by the police of a 17-year-old who was resisting during a traffic control operation in Nanterre, a suburban area of Paris.

The consequences of these events translated into a high number of arrests which according to reports, exceeded 180.

Subsequently, the intemperate outbursts escalated to rampant destruction of public structures which lamentably included police stations and educational institutions among others, falling prey to an unleashed inferno.


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Ever the provocateur, Donald Trump didn’t shy away from sharing his ambitious plans. ‘The moment I resume my position in office, there will be a revival of the travel restrictions.

Mark my words, it will be unprecedentedly larger and incredibly robust than the previous one’, garnered immense applause from the audience.

He added, ‘It’s incomprehensible to imagine our precious shopping centres disintegrating in the wake of a brutal attack, our cities drowned in flames and witnessing the theft of our farms. We won’t let this catastrophe occur in our land.’

Despite the distance that separates France and the United States, President Trump remained vocal about his firm resolve that America won’t experience the similar chaos that France is currently navigating.

His voice resonating with the Iowa crowd, he declared, ‘I won’t allow America to mirror the occurrences unfolding in France’.

In his typically candid, unfiltered Trump manner, he shared, ‘The situation unraveling in France was not unforeseen.

I had shared my prediction with Macron during our initial meeting.’ It was a reminder of his tenacious stance on issues aligned with his political ideology, regardless of international consensus.

Overcoming a wave of criticism and legal battles, Trump had originally executive-ordered a travel ban on seven countries. These selected countries with predominant Muslim demographics were identified as contributing to terroristic activities, a decision which was implemented on January 28, 2017.

In spite of substantial dissent and controversy, Trump’s decisive move received approval in June 2018 when the ban was backed by the Supreme Court in a narrow 5-4 verdict. This ruling was hailed as a validation of his contentious policy, and its implications.

Taking the stage in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Trump rallied his supporters and made an impassioned call. He urged, ‘We must double our commitments to ensure the visitors of America have a harmonious disposition with our laws, our values, and are willing to integrate into our society.’

In his characteristic manner, he emphasized, ‘This country doesn’t need individuals who bear ill sentiments towards us, we desire individuals who harbor love and respect for us.’ His sentiment captivated the energy of the attending crowd resonating with his political vision.

His speech culminated with an ardent question. ‘Who among us here would like our borders to become porous, thus enabling a relentless influx of personalities from across the globe, including those mentally unstable or carrying a criminal past?’

His rhetorical question struck a chord with his audience and underscored his strict immigration stance.

Extraordinarily vigilant as he is in ensuring the welfare and safety of his country, President Trump spurred another thought-provoking discussion on the liberal open border approach. His fervently declared concerns reflect his devotion to preventing the ingress of dangerous elements into American society.

His views resonated with many of the conservative members on site, proudly reemphasizing America’s values, and offering a different perspective on what some consider a more isolated approach to foreign policy.

Throughout his commentary, the former president interweaved a narrative around a profound sense of national obligation to protect the homeland and reminded the crowd of his mission to put America first.

His continuing influence over a significant portion of the American populace and his sight set on the future, signals that conservative ideals are very much alive and will play an important role in shaping the American political landscape.


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