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BREAKING: Trump Raises Over $200 Million After Guilty Verdict

Support Explodes for Trump After Contested Verdict

The past week ended with a controversial bang as the former President, Donald Trump, was declared guilty in a heavily disputed case. An array of legal analysts, ranging from conservatives to liberals, have questioned the legitimacy of the presented charges. Labelled as 34 ‘manufactured’ felonies, these allegations were connected to a confidential payment made to an adult performer before Trump’s triumph in the 2016 Presidential elections.

Despite the controversy, the aftermath of the verdict was somewhat astonishing. Trump’s campaign fundraising demonstrably peaked, experiencing a significant boost. Evidence indicates that the campaign has gathered well over $200 million in donations — a considerable monetarily manifestation of support that emerged quickly post-verdict; a neat $53 million was raised in the aftermath of the court’s decision.

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This spiral of financial aid was meticulously documented by multiple social media accounts and news platforms. Interestingly, a significant portion of the total funds accumulated by Trump’s campaign originated from Republican high-roller, Miriam Adelson. Adelson, a known influencer in the party, demonstrated her intent to funnel tens of millions of dollars into a pro-Trump SuperPAC, after assessing various potential candidates during the primary.

In the preceding year of 2020, the late Sheldon Adelson, a casino tycoon, and his spouse emerged as the leading contributors to the Preserve America PAC – offering their support to Trump’s endeavor with a whopping $90 million. A recent report by Politico clarified that Miriam Adelson planned to back Trump’s campaign with an astonishing $100 million donation.

Miriam Adelson holds a weighty position, owning the majority stakes of Las Vegas Sands and the Dallas Mavericks, a position she shares with her son-in-law. Citing this vast business empire, the Bloomberg Billionaires Index estimates her net worth at a staggering $33.3 billion. Her financial contribution to Trump’s campaign is, therefore, merely reflective of her extensive wealth.

This surge in campaign funding for the former President comes at a peculiar time. Trump, following his conviction of 34 felonious charges in the often rancorously disputed Manhattan ‘hush money’ case, managed to amass over $50 million within a few hours’ span. This staggering number eclipsed President Biden’s entire fundraising for May – a detail indicative of the support Trump still enjoys among his followers.

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Within this tumultuous spectrum, one voice sounding a resonant, discordant note was that of Megyn Kelly, the prominent SiriusXM podcast host. Kelly wielded censure towards Democratic prosecutors, politicians, and supporters who trumpeted their approval of Trump’s conviction concerning Stormy Daniels’ payment preceding the 2016 election — a matter once dismissed by both New York and federal prosecutors as devoid of merit.

Kelly, known for her unbiased and clear-eyed perspectives, did not stop there. She beseeched GOP district attorneys and their ilk to pursue similar actions against notable Democratic figures. In essence, she asked the Republicans to level the playing field and to adequately investigate the opposition as well.

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Adding to her message, Kelly offered a prediction, ‘It’s time to scrutinize the durations and details, the caveats and contours, of the legal limitations applicable to the numerous suspected offenses they’ve unquestionably committed.’ She elegantly warned of the political dangers that lay ahead, characterizing the Democrats as wolves that have had their first taste of blood.

She furthermore cautioned, ‘Yet a wolf, once it’s tasted blood, is seldom satiated. The only deterrent would seem to be a serious injury sustained by the wolf itself.’ Kelly’s voice, commenting on the on-going storm, represents the sentiments of many who question the fairness of the recent ruling.

Addressing those who revelled in the verdict, she couched a warning: ‘To the giddy talking heads at MSNBC and CNN, your celebration could be premature. Before you get too carried away, ask yourself, ponder deeply, what this ruling truly implies. Could this be the initiation of a downward spiral into a rabbit hole of politically motivated lawsuits, opening a Pandora’s box that nobody really wants?’

While the recent verdict might have been controversial, what followed is a testament to the public’s enduring faith. The unprecedented spike in campaign funding reveals Trump’s ability to rally his supporters when the odds are stacked against him. This increase in donations, pledged by millions of average citizens and a few magnates like Adelson, signifies a robust backing largely unprecedented in political history.

Miriam Adelson’s continued support, through her enormous contribution, adds a layer of durability to this backing. Her stake in Trump’s future echoes the sentiments of many Americans who still believe in Trump’s leadership, and her upcoming investment is a Beijing-thunder affirmation of her faith in his vision.

While Megyn Kelly may have captured the concerns of many Republicans with her dire warnings, her views reflected the fears of a possibly greater number who question the motives behind such a high-profile conviction, hinting at the erosion of unbiased legal proceedings in favor of political jousting.

Such conviction and following events have opened a magma of discourse among the supporters and non-supporters alike. Questions about the judiciary’s partiality, speculations about future fundraising wars, and predictions of thorough investigative proceedings of high-profile figures have set a new precedent in this political era. Today, we are left with more questions than answers, and the coming months promise an even more engrossing storyline.


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