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Trump Jr. Blasts AG James Saying New York ‘Will Be Begging for Guys Like Donald Trump’ to Come Back  

NY Attorney General’s Pursuit Damaging Business Ecosystem


Earlier this week, Donald Trump Jr. was on the frontline once again, taking part in a defense consultation for an ongoing civil case leveled against the Trump Organization in New York. Following the rigorous proceedings in court, he spared some moments to catch up with reporters, expressing the absurdity he saw in the whole ordeal.

In his words, he saw the Attorney General’s actions as an apparent pursuit against individuals of contrasting political ideologies. He stated emphatically that the financial statement—an integral part of the case—had absolutely no connection with him or his brother, Eric Trump.

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‘My brother and I have absolutely zero involvement in this matter, however, it seems to make no difference in the face of such incessant pursuit,’ stated Trump Jr. He went further to describe Attorney General Letitia James as an excessively vigorous attorney who possesses potential harm for the entire New York business ecosystem through misguided pursuits of transactions devoid of actual victims.

Trump Jr.’s principal concern revolved around how the case has serious implications for businesses in New York. ‘It’s become a symbiotic relationship between the current state of affairs in New York and the path that the Democratic Party is seemingly willing to tread. An unsettling precedent,’ Trump Jr. communicated to the reporters.

He continued to express his fears for conducting business under such circumstances in the city, suggesting that the strategies behind such operations were a disgrace. ‘Contact anyone genuinely rooted in banking or real estate industries, and they’ll tell you of these hardships. They do understand, but the threat of finding themselves in the crossfire makes them hesitant to voice out their concerns,’ Trump Jr. added.

Amid the concerns, he showed hope for the future of the city. ‘There will be a time when the good folks will comprehend the unfolding scenario. They’ll be forced to reckon with these detrimental practices, see past the implausible undertakings. Then, they’ll yearn for leaders such as my father, Donald Trump, who has over the years shaped the magnificent skyline of New York as we know it,’ Trump Jr. conveyed.

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The narrative took a more insightful turn during a Saturday session with Breitbart News on SiriusXM when attorney Alina Habba, expressed her sentiments about New York City’s declining state, as she simultaneously spearheaded a civil fraud trial against Trump. According to her characterization, Attorney General Letitia James displayed a theatrical approach to the trial instead of focusing on the prosecutorial elements, often stepping out for press breaks.

The lawsuit in question, filed by James, alleged Trump and his Trump Organization of inflating property valuations to secure more favorable loan conditions. The lawsuit, requesting for a whopping $250 million, seeks not only fines but also intends to bar Trump from conducting any business activities within the state. Meanwhile, the presiding judge, Arthur Engoron, has already proclaimed that Trump committed fraud.

In contradiction, Trump has insisted that the financial documents he submitted to the lending institutions embodied common phrases, urging them to perform proper assessments while considering the property valuations. He highlighted that all the banks he associated with remained unscathed or undeterred financially.

Speaking on James, Habba mentioned James’ sparse attendance in court, often appearing just during high-profile days. ‘Meanwhile on other days, she’s conspicuously absent. All the while, the city dilapidates,’ Habba observed, shedding light on how this reflects James’ priorities in her role of attorney general.

Habba emphasized the self-centered motives that seem to overshadow civic responsibilities. ‘Upon assuming the mantle of office, an attorney general’s focus should be on the city as the utmost priority. Their political aspirations or the fulfillment of self-interested missions should not cloud their responsibilities,’ Habba emphasized.

Habba expressed concern over the seemingly politically charged bias against Trump that she observed from the AG. ‘We perceive a strikingly motivated AG, who has openly claimed herself against Trump. Her side-line enjoyment of the proceedings as if feasting on popcorn paints a disturbing image,’ Habba noted.

The attorney delved into the seeming bias permeating the trial, highlighting instances where Engoron crossed swords with Trump’s attorneys, even Trump himself during his testimony. When confronted with the possibility of filing an appeal or a mistrial, Habba skillfully deferred the question.

Emphasizing the importance of maintaining professional ethic, she concluded, ‘We will take every necessary action appropriately, keeping in mind all confidential information. Once matters unfold further, I’m more than willing to discuss the developments.’


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