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Trump Issues Cognitive Test Challenge to Biden on Truth Social

Biden’s Competency Questioned by Trump After Successful Health Check


This past Monday, the influential Republican figurehead and 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, utilized Truth Social platform expressing his desire for the current 81-year-old Democrat President Joe Biden to undertake a cognitive test.

Given that Biden is actively campaigning for another term, hypothetically, he would exit his presidency at the age of 86 in 2029.

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Trump clarified a recent trend of him interchangeably using the name ‘Obama’ for ‘Biden’, conveying this as a sarcastic symbol that others might be having a substantial impact in administrating our nation. Further,

he mentioned a particular case of Ron DeSanctimonious and his faltering campaign structure, along with the Democrats ‘Radical Left’ Disinformation Machine,’ reacting fervently over Trump’s comment which they interpreted as ‘Trump doesn’t grasp the name of our President, (UNETHICAL!) Joe Biden…’ implying Trump might be cognitively impaired.

However, he categorically rejected the suggestion, stating he knows both names thoroughly, never confuses them, and firmly believes their policies are undermining our Country. He reported having aced a recent cognitive test as part of his health assessment. Moreover, he aced a similar test during his tenure in the White House.

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Trump posed a challenge to Biden to take a cognitive test to uncover the justification of his policies like Open Borders, absence of Energy Independence, a Woke Military, High Inflation, no Voter I.D., Men’s participation in Women’s Sports, a total reliance on Electric Cars & Trucks, a politicized DOJ/FBI, and several other debatable policies.

The call from Trump questioning the reasoning of Biden’s policy decisions arrived in quick succession following Dr. Bruce A. Aronwald’s in-depth examination of the 45th President’s health. Dr. Aronwald stated, ‘I am pleased to announce that President Trump’s overall health is outstanding. His medical evaluations were well within the average spectrum, and his mental tests were extraordinary.

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Addition to this, his most recent extensive lab analysis is well within the acceptable range and in certain most decisive parameters, reflected better outcomes than previous tests, perhaps due to his weight loss.’

Dr. Aronwald further appreciated the cardiovascular studies and cancer screening tests of Trump, all of which were declared normal. Trump’s recent weight loss was mentioned, attributed to an enhanced diet plan and consistent physical activity, continuing to maintain a busy daily schedule.

In closure of his assessment, Dr. Aronwald opined, ‘Currently, it is my belief that President Trump is in splendid health, and if his present zeal towards preventative health check-ups and maintenance persists, he will continue cherishing a salubrious, vibrant life for the foreseeable future.’

On the other hand, the incumbent President Biden has displayed frailties during his presidency. His recurring falls, along with his proclivity for gaffe-laden speeches, are causing concerns among the American populace who are contemplating whether to re-elect the mature Democrat for another term.

Data reflecting on the aforementioned concerns can be seen in a mid-September Reuters/Ipsos poll. It found that 75% of respondents, inclusive of 65% from the Democrats, believed Biden to be too aged for presidency. Furthermore, only 39% of electorates are confident about Biden’s mental acuity being sufficient to manage the most potent office on the global stage.


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