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Trump Goes After Nikki Haley In Iowa Speech: ‘She Sold Me Out’

Trump’s Truth: The Betrayal by Nikki Haley and Her Empty Promises


Last weekend, prominent conservative figure and 45th President Donald J. Trump cautioned a gathering in Iowa about a potential political fall-out from trusting Nikki Haley, who previously served as Ambassador to the United Nations.

Trump hinted at a potential political double-cross from Haley, mirroring his own experience, especially as she gears up for the race to lead the Iowa Republican Caucus. According to Trump, Haley’s actions are guided more by political ambition than by loyalty or principle, which could pose a threat to the people of Iowa and their interests.

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Trump augments his warning with the assertion that Haley is a political turncoat who betrayed him during her 2024 presidential run. Though he had initially believed her pledge to refrain from running against him, her subsequent actions painted a different picture in the former president’s view. Trump’s belief in her earlier assurance was swept away when she announced her presidential bid, seemingly disregarding any implied accord they might have had.

These sentiments were driven home in his address, where he recollected how Haley quoted as saying to him, ‘I’ll never run. He’s an excellent leader. Why would I risk that?’ But then, in a dramatic shift of stance, portrayed as a betrayal by Trump, she turned around and announced her aim to run for the presidency.

The abrupt about-face demonstrated by Haley, as told by Trump, culminated in a Mar-a-Lago meeting, where she had previously reassured him she would never run for president. Describing her statements as ‘false rumors’, Trump expressed his dismay, as her actions reflected otherwise. Her decision to run, despite prior assurances, served as a sore sticking point, in what he considers a breach of trust.

In addition to her surprising volte-face, Trump criticized the media for its portrayal of recent events. He commented on a recent poll that showed Haley in a favorable light, dismissing it as a textbook example of the media’s dishonest framing of issues. Paraphrasing his reaction, he stated, ‘I saw the headline ‘Nikki Haley Surging!’ and my heart sank.’ Reflecting on his own gain of seven points in the polls – a significant leap considering his already high standing of sixty-eight points – he emphasized her smaller increase of three points, juxtaposed with DeSanctus’ decrease of one point.

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Trump’s issue with the media extends to the typical notion of ‘surging’. He expressed his annoyance with the media’s use of the term, suggesting that it was used out of context in relation to Haley’s performance, as compared to his own. This portrayal of her as surging against DeSanctus in the polls seemed to irk him considerably, but he soon dismissed it as a fleeting concern.

Trump also envisaged the potential future course of Haley’s presidency, predicting an early move to offer amnesty to those he terms as ‘Biden’s illegal aliens.’ Such a projected action, he asserts, would conspicuously contradict the principles around which the conservative movement is built, thereby indicating a certain level of mistrust and unease with Haley’s political judgment.

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He further prognosticates a disappointing and unpredictable performance from ‘establishment losers and sell-outs’ in critical Republican primaries. Their reliability on key issues such as taxes and trade could not be guaranteed, according to Trump. Betrayal, the former president implies, is a recurring pattern with these individuals, as demonstrated by their prior behavior.

Trump asserts that these politicians, once trusted, would turn their backs on their constituents. He suggests that their foremost stance is the one they always fall back onto – a globalist perspective that has consistently failed in his eyes. This stance, he critiques, ignores the special status and interests of the nation.

The globally-inclined view of such politicians continues to be a thorn in his side. While a small minority of people may understand and agree with these globalist tendencies, most – including Trump himself – find it a disagreeable approach. For him, such a perspective serves as an indicator of the nation’s problems.

Trump criticizes the globalist view held by certain politicians in no uncertain terms, labeling it as reprehensible. In his perspective, this attentive evolvement toward global matters, at the cost of national interests, puts the country in a precarious position. The former president is firm in his belief that this ‘globalist-first’ approach does not serve the nation’s interests.

On a different note, Trump emphasizes his readiness to assist other nations while protecting America’s interests. His approach, he states, would definitively avoid entangling the nation in unnecessary wars. He proclaims his willingness to make threats and take necessary actions when the situation calls for it, in order to maintain national security while assisting other nations.

Hence, Trump’s criticism of Haley and her potential presidency gears towards a cautionary tale about trusting politicians who change their stance on critical issues. The former president’s words serve as a reminder of the importance of maintaining the national interest in the face of global challenges.

His final message encapsulates his position: politicians’ commitment to global perspectives tends to blur their focus on national issues. It warns of the risk in trusting such politicians who may, in his opinion, betray the national interest in favor of globalist ideologies, thereby alienating their constituents and the nation at large.


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