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Trump Attorney Habba Defends Trump After Judge Say’s ‘Control Your Client’

Unfair Trial of Trump Continues as Courtroom Antics Ensue


During Monday’s court proceedings, where the former Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump testified as a witness, a palpable tension filled Manhattan Superior Judge Arthur Engoron’s courtroom. This legal fray ensued when a civil fraud case was mounted against Trump’s commercial entities by Democratic Attorney General Letitia James.

Judge Engoron’s courtroom witnessed sharp exchanges, demonstrating the enduring and potent drama of American politics. Citing the court’s decorum, Rubin, an attendee at the trial, quoted the judge saying to Trump’s counsel, ‘Mr. Kise, have a handle on your client.

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This venue is for a judicial proceeding, not a political event. Perhaps, it is time for a candid conversation with him.’

The theatrics within the courtroom, however, did not cease at that juncture. In stern words, Engoron communicated to Trump’s counsel, ‘I urge you to rein in your client, if it’s within your control. Should you fail to do so, I am willing to step in, excusing him from the court and seek to form every unfavorable conclusion I can.’ Engoron’s seeming unfriendliness towards Trump has been observed throughout the trial, as reported by Lowell.

Trump and the Trump Organization, his company, have been slapped with a lawsuit for a staggering $250 million by James. Accusations leveled against him allege exaggeration of his assets to secure advantageous loan conditions. However, Trump vehemently rejects the allegations, reasserting on numerous occasions that no financial institution he had dealings with suffered any detriment.

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Over the course of his four-hour-long display, tension boiled over as Trump directed his ire towards Engoron. He took umbrage at being labeled a fraud by Engoron, who, by Trump’s own admission, possessed little knowledge of him. From the witness stand, he accused Engoron of being the true perpetrator of fraud. He also took a jab at James, dubbing her ‘a political charlatan’, as she attended the proceedings seated in the front row of the courtroom.

Habba, another party at the trial, voiced her dissatisfaction with Engoron’s manner of dealing with her after the encounters. Communicating her indignation, she noted being rebuked and instructed to sit down, and having had to endure a seemingly unhinged judge slam the table. She stood her ground, ‘I do not let such disrespect pass in my life, and I’m not about to let it slip here,’ she asserted.

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Habba made a bold supposition about the former president’s comeback in the 2024 elections while speaking to the New York Post, “One should not underestimate President Trump’s prospects in the 2024 elections. The statistics present a compelling narrative that can hardly be ignored.

She lamented about the state of our nation, ‘Our great country is on shaky ground. In courtrooms where attorneys are suppressed, where they are denied the necessary freedom to express necessary defenses for their clients, corruption surely thrives. Irrespective of your political leanings, every citizen of this country deserves to mount a defense.’

In a distinct departure from his unobtrusive testimony in the initial two hours, Trump suddenly appeared noticeably vexed. He let out a loud assertion, charging Engoron and James with carrying out a personal vendetta against him.

Trump pinpointed an inconsistency in the valuations of his Mar-A-Lago property by wondering, ‘When your valuation of Mar-A-Lago stands at $18 million and hers at $25 million, it implies either gross foolishness, or there’s an instance of fraud. I believe the fraud lies with the court.’

Displaying an unwavering confidence, Trump voiced his firm belief in a job well done during his presidency. Trump’s sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., have also given their testimonies in this legal skirmish. There is an expectation of Ivanka’s appearance, Trump’s daughter, in court this week to testify, although previously an appeals court in New York hand waived the requirement of her testimony.


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