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Trump Highlights Economic Woes Faced by Young Generation under Biden

Trump’s Pledge to Rebuild Prosperity for American Youth Amidst Skyrocketing Inflation


An enlightening opinion piece penned by previous President Donald Trump has surfaced, in which he focuses on the challenges experienced by younger citizens under current President Joe Biden’s administration. Published by Newsweek, the piece surfaces just after a poll exhibiting Trump’s heightened popularity amongst younger voters, an audience that typically aligns with Democratic ideologies.

In this piece, Trump draws a careful comparison between his and Biden’s economic policies, highlighting that the young demographic thrived during his tenure.

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‘Currently, we are ahead of Biden by 46 to 42 percent in a nationwide poll involving voters aged 18 to 34. This indicates an unmistakable dissatisfaction with Biden’s failed strategies and allegations surrounding incompetence and corruption’, the previous President said.

Despite the criticism, Trump also spared some time to reflect on his achievements during his tenure. He takes credit for establishing a ‘robust and prosperous economy’, perhaps the most prosperous in the history of the world.

Individuals saw their annual income rise by approximately $6,000, with inflation maintained below 2 percent. Gas prices were also quite modest, averaging just $1.87 at gas stations across the U.S.

Additionally, Trump mentions the prosperity that households, especially the bottom 50 percent of earners, experienced under his administration. They saw their net worth increase by approximately 40 percent, an unprecedented growth. He then gears the conversation back to the current administration, criticizing how the American economy has worsened.

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Trump notes, ‘Less than three years into Biden’s tenure, the younger generation is experiencing the harsh consequences of his failed policies: skyrocketing inflation, soaring costs, rising interest rates, excessive housing costs, and an alarming increase in crime.’ These repercussions have proven burdensome for young Americans, as per Trump’s perspective.

He then sternly brings to attention that ‘Under Biden’s tenure, families have seen their real incomes decrease by $7,400. In certain regions, gas prices have even reached a staggering $7 per gallon.

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Cumulative inflation has risen to 18%, with mortgage rates nearing a brutal seven percent.’ This situation has, in Trump’s view, pushed the dream of owning a home further from reach for a significant portion of the younger population.

In Trump’s era, the average 30-year mortgage rate was around 2.65 percent, enabling a median-income American family to afford a mortgage. Comparatively, Biden’s economic policies have led to a surge in interest rates, which has put home ownership beyond the reach of many young Americans.

The former president laments, ‘Increasing interest rates and surging prices under Biden have made the prospect of starting a family seem like an uphill battle. Consequently, a significant number of younger Americans are postponing marriage and having children.’ A recent study lends some weight to this claim, revealing that three quarters of Gen Z and Millennial couples find it too costly to marry in the present economy.

Trump doesn’t stop there; he continues to criticize Biden’s ‘energy crusade’, which has increased costs of just about anything powered by oil and gas. This is attributed to the embrace of components of the ‘Green New Deal’, a progressive plan for focusing on electrification, wind, and solar power at the expense of fossil fuels.

These policy alterations have caused the price of new vehicles to jump by nearly 30% since Trump left office. Today, the average new car has a surprising $50,000 price tag, meaning that only the wealthy can comfortably afford a new vehicle. Notably, monthly car payments have swelled to almost $750 due to the consequential inflation and heightened interest rates.

‘Biden’s harsh economic policies are pushing young Americans into debt and causing their dreams to crumble under the weight of taxes and rampant inflation,’ Trump warned. The result, as Trump sees it, is a nation in decline under Biden’s leadership, rapidly moving away from the American Dream.

After finishing his critique of the Biden administration, Trump outlines his plans should he return to office. His focus will be on restoring the vibrant economy that he claims he managed to build once before, enabling young people to thrive and prosper.

He also assures that he’ll curb the inflation nightmare brought by Biden, boost energy production, significantly cut government spending, and reduce interest rates, all in an effort to make starting a family and becoming a homeowner affordable for young Americans, offering them a step towards the American dream.

Furthermore, he plans to breed a sense of ‘law and order’ in American cities, and make substantial efforts to lower the widespread occurrences of drug addiction and overdose. Trump urged voters to see it in their power and interest to bring back prosperity, peace, and strength to their nation.

‘No one will gain more from these changes in our nation’s capital than our promising young Americans’, Trump remarked in conclusion. Echoing his belief that it’s high time to restore the American Dream, especially for the younger generation currently being hit hard by the repercussions of the Biden administration.


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