Trump Has Made Up His Mind, Will He Run In 2024?

Since the 2020 election, Former President Donald Trump has been alluding to his possible 2024 campaign. On the same day that he visited the border, he dropped two of his strongest hints yet. These hints however, almost send mixed signals.

Wednesday at the border in Weslaco Trump asked Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick if he would be his campaign manager in 2024. 

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“Are you going to be my campaign manager if I do this again? Think I should do it again? You think?” Trump asked. He went on, “maybe we don’t have to. Maybe we won’t even have to.” 

With Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis gaining even more popularity than Trump according to some polls, a 2024 Trump campaign may not even be necessary. 

With rhetoric like this, the obvious conclusion is that the former President will only attempt to reclaim his place in the Oval Office if he sees it necessary at the time. The true answer however, does not seem so obvious.

Just when it seemed as though the picture was clear – that Trump would run if he felt it necessary – it became foggy once more. 

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Trump also said in an interview  that he has made up his mind on whether or not he would run again. 

The Daily Caller reported, “In a Wednesday interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, Trump answered “yes” when asked if he had made up his mind about 2024. He has hinted on multiple occasions at a potential 2024 run for his old office, but has made no definitive commitment yet publicly.”

There is much time between now and 2024. Perhaps the American people will just have to wait until we get closer to that time, to unravel this mystery. 

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