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Trump Says ‘Hard to Have a Truly Great Christmas’ with Biden in the White House

Trump Lambasts Biden, Sets Sights on 2024 Presidency


In the spirit of the most recent holiday season, the prior U.S. chief executive, Donald Trump echoed a resolved sentiment of triumph against his potential political adversary, President Joe Biden in 2024. His faith in a forthcoming victory was asserted not only on behalf of himself, but also those individuals he playfully designated as ‘dauntless patriots.’

He suggested that these supposed instances of political wrangling lead to a less than idyllic holiday season, as he believes the current President is putting his political fortunes ahead of the welfare of the nation.

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Trump disseminated his thoughts on the holiday morning via Truth Social, expressing his concern about what he considers as an unjust use of legal mechanisms against political rivals. According to Trump, this arduous battle is incredibly pivotal, likening it to a struggle to fend off ‘insanity and devastation.’ He employs his signature campaign slogan, ‘MAGA 2024,’ to underline his commitment.

While there is an array of legal difficulties that Trump may face, he remains confident about his eventual victory. This optimism exudes from him despite being the subject of almost ten civil and criminal cases, several of which are initiated by a special counsel appointed under the auspices of Biden’s administration.

The aforementioned special counsel, Jack Smith, and his team have been relatively silent over their investigations into the possession of classified documents at two locations. This appointment and their investigations were the outcome of actions taken by Attorney General Merrick Garland. Trump used this quietness as an opportunity to voice his concern online.

Trump proceeded to further assert on Truth Social that the year 2024 will likely be remembered in history for ostensible illicit electoral interference. He didn’t stop there, and lambasted the incumbent leader as ‘the most damaging and most tainted chief executive in U.S history.’ Unperturbed by the looming legal obstacles, he envisages a triumphant outcome for himself and his supporters.

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Trump communicated the same confidence in his later messages by forecasting a ‘sizable and joyous triumph’ for all the courageous patriots standing up for American greatness. By concluding his thoughts with a harmonious holiday greeting, he ended on a positive note despite his critical views on current issues.

On the heels of this vibrant expression, Trump made a vital proclamation after a judgement from the Supreme Court of Colorado last week. The decision aimed to exclude him from the state’s presidential ballot for 2024, which Trump interpreted as a dire prognostication for America’s future if left unchallenged.

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The former president discussed these developments with popular conservative radio personality, Hugh Hewitt. He revealed the countermeasures that his legal team is set to undertake in response to the judgement. The host initiated the discussion about the Colorado case with his own critique, dismissing the verdict as laughable.

Trump revealed his plan to appeal the decision, sharing Hewitt’s sentiment and believing it to be a farcical attempt to sidestep the democratic process by taking the decision away from voters. According to Trump, this is just another episode in an ongoing series of legal disputes instigated by the same persistent group that he terms ‘extreme left fanatics.’

In Trump’s view, this organization utilizes the judicial system at every juncture to further their agenda. Reflecting on the Colorado suit, he portrayed it as an unusual tactic within their repertoire, believing its potential implications for the nation could be disastrous. Trump extrapolates the future of the U.S. if this decision stands—it’s a future that he finds quite alarming.

Hewitt concurred and added his prediction of a unanimous reversal in the Supreme Court, in favor of Trump. He sought reassurance from Trump about the progress of the appeal. Trump responded favorably to the host’s optimism and expected a similar reverse decision, without any backing in favor of the Colorado ruling.

Hewitt prophesizing a favoring Supreme Court ruling isn’t an isolated case. An experienced former federal prosecutor this week also vouched for Trump’s chances in the apex court. This respected legal expert bet on a win for Trump, despite his criticism of Trump’s challenges against the outcome of the 2020 election.

Ty Cobb, a former U.S. assistant attorney for Maryland who notably defended the Trump camp during Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s unfounded investigation into alleged collusion with Russia, expressed his anticipation to a news outlet. He believes that the Supreme Court will unanimously overturn the Colorado decision.

Although Cobb isn’t convinced about the validity of Trump’s claims against 2020’s outcome, deeming it a ‘debacle’ for the GOP, he maintains faith in the Supreme Court to reverse the Colorado court’s decision. He is soured by Trump’s attitude towards the 2020 election but remains an advocate of justice in the face of this recent event.

Cobb provides the assurance that the case won’t take an inordinate amount of time to settle. He strongly believes it could result in unanimous support for Trump from the Supreme Court justices. The determination of Trump’s legal standing in Colorado’s 2024 presidential ballot, thus, lies in the hands of the Supreme Court.

This saga involving the 45th President continues, with turbulent legal waves characteristic of Trump’s political journey. Despite the controversies and significant opposition, Trump remains confident in his ability to succeed and emerge victorious. The future remains uncertain until the Supreme Court voices its verdict, and the world watches on as this chapter of American political history unfolds.


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