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Trump Firmly Denies Considering Plea Deal in Georgia

“We did nothing wrong. We don’t ever take a plea deal.”


Amidst rumors of a looming indictment in Georgia, former President Donald Trump vociferously responded to the prosecutor, District Attorney Fani Willis, during his appearance at the Iowa State Fair, as highlighted by Mediaite.

When prompted by a reporter about potentially accepting a plea deal in Georgia, Trump vehemently responded, “We did nothing wrong. We never take plea deals. That’s a loaded question. You’re just trying to provoke.”

Arguing his innocence, he stated, “This is all about election interference.” He further criticized President Biden, insinuating that these potential charges were a political move due to Biden’s inability to win elections legitimately.

Trump also took a jab at the appointment of the special counsel, calling the move laughable on a global scale.

Despite the nation’s challenges, Trump expressed confidence in his supporters, claiming they would “straighten it out” and revive the “Make America Great Again” ethos.

Following Trump’s criticism, Willis found herself defending her professional reputation after an ad disparaging her aired extensively in the Atlanta market.

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In a leaked email, she warned her team not to react to the advertisement or the false accusations it contained. Willis emphasized that her team represents her, especially the Assistant District Attorneys (ADA) who’ve sworn under her authority.

She advised them against commenting on any disparaging content targeted towards her, the office, or their colleagues.

Willis maintained that her role is strictly professional, urging her team to adopt the same outlook and not to harbor personal feelings against those under investigation.

In a contentious twist, the advertisement made an explosive claim about Willis, implying a concealed relationship with a gang member she was prosecuting. The advertisement referenced a Jan. 25, 2023, Rolling Stone article.

However, a closer examination reveals misrepresentations. The article featured an interview with YSL Mondo, a former client of Willis from 2019 when she practiced as a defense attorney. Contrary to the advertisement’s implications, the article did not suggest any inappropriate relationship.

Mondo simply described his conversations with Willis as familial, and the piece confirmed that their communication ceased after the conclusion of his legal case.


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