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Trump Endorses Brandon Gill for North Texas Congressional District

Brandon Gill Receives High-Profile Endorsements for 26th Texas Congressional District


This past weekend, the former U.S. President, Donald Trump, officially extended his backing in the Republican primary for the 26th Congressional District of Texas, which covers a significant part of North Texas.

After pronouncing his bid last month, Brandon Gill won the favor and subsequent endorsement of other considerable conservative figures, such as Troy Nehls (R-TX), Lauren Boebert (R-CO), and the youthful group of conservatives known as the Dallas Young Republicans.

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Following the prestigious endorsement by the foremost Republican presidential candidate, Gill expressed his gratitude and commitment. He stated, ‘The endorsement by President Donald J. Trump for my congressional run in TX-26 is both deeply humbling and a tremendous honor. I pledge to both the citizens of TX-26 and President Trump that I will not disappoint you.’

On the same day as his announcement, Gill received backing from Congressman Nehls. Praising Gill, Nehls highlighted: ‘Brandon Gill is not just a friend, but someone I wholly trust to be a stout, fearless champion of our conservative values.

I firmly believe in Brandon’s commitment to securing the border and putting America First – he is the person we need to carry forward the MAGA movement in North Texas. I strongly recommend Brandon Gill and urge voters in the district to stand by him.’

In addition to Nehls, Gill garnered support from the Dallas Young Republicans, one of the most accomplished Republican groups in Texas. The group applauded Gill’s conservative principles, stating, ‘Brandon Gill is a man of the people – a successful young father, husband, and man of faith with deep roots in rural Texas and a true believer in America First values.’

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Citing the ongoing national crisis under the current administration, the group emphasized the need for fresh leaders on the political stage. They asserted, ‘Given the continuing failures of the Biden administration, it is imperative to usher a new generation of leaders into the fight. We believe Mr. Gill possesses the qualities required for the challenges that lie ahead, and successfully advocating for Texas in Congress.’

The endorsement continued to underline Gill’s strong political convictions. ‘His stances on key issues such as border security, energy security, law and order, and reformation within the Republican Party are precisely the fresh perspectives we need. Brandon Gill is the genuine conservative choice in this election,’ the group added.

Gill is one among many candidates competing for the nomination. Other hopefuls include Luisa del Rosal, previously Chief of Staff for Tony Gonzalez, Southlake Mayor John Huffman, and several others. Gill and his fellow candidates are filling the void left by Michael Burgess (R-TX) who announced his retirement last month.

There’s still time remaining until early December for more candidates to put forth their candidacy for the open seat. Upon announcing his run on November 20, Gill tweeted, ‘There’s a crucial need in Washington for conservative warriors who genuinely represent America, not the business-as-usual political circles. I am eager to represent the fantastic people of North Texas.’

Gill continued his comments, calling out existing inadequacies. ‘Both the Congressional Democrats and the Biden Administration have let us down. Our country is under siege. Our borders are left unchecked. The crime rates are skyrocketing, and the economy is a ticking time bomb for the middle class.’

Underscoring the urgency for aggressive change, Gill laid out his plans. ‘We need bold guidance, someone who isn’t afraid of confronting the power centers and deeply-set interests, a champion who personifies our values. Washington should understand that they can’t manipulate Texans anymore. From here on, they’re going to pay heed to our voices.’

Gill has a comprehensive agenda. ‘There’s a lot to address – complete the wall, secure the Southern border, balance the budget, stimulate our energy sector, restore law and order, and remove lenient Republicans who validate the progressives’ agenda from Congress,’ Gill concluded.

Born and raised in Texas, Gill currently lives in a suburb dubbed Flower Mound. After attending Dartmouth University, he spent several years working on Wall Street, which was an enlightening experience. Later, he founded ‘DC Enquirer’ and then made his way back home to Texas.

Apart from his political endeavors, Gill also dabbled in the media industry. He made significant contributions to the newly released film ‘Police State’, directed by popular filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza.

On the personal front, Brandon Gill is married to Danielle D’Souza Gill, an influential conservative figure, and is blessed with a newborn daughter.


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