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Trump Dismisses Rumors of Nikki Haley as VP, Puts Conservatism First

Trump Sets Record Straight: Nikki Haley Not in Line for Vice Presidential Role

The speculation surrounding the potential Vice Presidential candidate for Donald Trump has been the talk of the town. Trump shared via his Truth Social account recently, his sentiments regarding Nikki Haley, an eminent figure in the Republican party. While there was talk about her potentially being in line for the V.P role, Trump firmly dismissed such rumors.

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Astonishingly, his message on his social media was outright and simple: ‘Nikki Haley is not up for the role of the Vice President, but she has my best wishes.’ His posts came soon after the news that she was a possible contender by Axios.

This announcement comes at a time when the relationship between Trump and Haley continues to remain frosty, a testament to the competitive nature of politics within the GOP. However, some sources believe that Trump might consider Nikki Haley if it becomes clear that her selection could favor his presidential campaign.

The media report stated that if Trump could secure victory in the upcoming presidential election with Haley as his companion, it could provide him with some much-needed financial and legal relief. Both Trump and Haley’s representatives remained silent on Friday when grilled about the possibility.

The Republican brethren who understand the dynamics of politics predicted that it would be in the best interest for both Haley and Trump to amend their old feuds. Their fierce competition during the GOP primaries and their disagreement on several key issues hasn’t dented the belief that a reconciliation could be beneficial, despite the odds.

Trump’s quest to overcome the fundraising gap against current President Biden and cover his legal expenses continues. Haley, reputed for her extensive links with donors skeptical of Trump, could be key in aiding his endeavors. Furthermore, a reconciliation with Haley, the former U.N. ambassador, could swing some of the college-educated Republicans in his favor.

The recent GOP race in Indiana highlighted Haley’s enduring appeal among Republicans. Despite her withdrawal, she carried over 20% of the vote in the primary that also permitted Democrats and independents to participate, and her appeal isn’t limited to just her party.

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Haley’s stance in support of Trump could significantly influence her political career, especially within the GOP’s vast conservative base. Her continued withholding of her support could have repercussions if Trump suffers a defeat in November, with her facing potential backlash from the party’s conservative base.

After a failed pursuit for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, Haley is channeling her energy into a new phase of her career. Joining the prestigious D.C.-based Hudson Institute, the former Governor of South Carolina, has a new platform to continue impacting domestic and foreign policies.

Hudson Institute CEO and President, John P. Walters, praised Haley joining the team, labelling her a proven leader domestically and internationally. In times of political turbulence, he highlighted how she has consistently stood as a beacon for freedom, advocating for American prosperity and security.

During her White House campaign, Haley was a vocal advocate for a proactive U.S. foreign policy approach addressing critical issues such as the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the Israel-Hamas situation. These positions often presented a sharp contrast to Trump’s ‘America First’ philosophy, which recommended restraint from foreign interventions.

She will continue her work defending the principles that have shaped America as the best nation globally at the Hudson Institute. Haley has been named the new Walter P. Stern Chair at the institute, a position created four years ago to honor a former board chair’s exceptional contributions.

On March 6, Haley stepped down from her White House campaign, one day after Trump’s overwhelming triumph on Super Tuesday. Yet, in a show of her indomitable spirit, she did not immediately endorse Trump and signaled her intention to keep speaking out against some of his policies.


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