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Trump Demands Indictment of J6 Committee for ‘Unlawful Destruction’ of Files

Justice for GOP: Trump Advocates Indictment of J6 Committee on Truth Social

On a recent Thursday, the anticipated GOP frontrunner Donald Trump utilized the Truth Social platform to assert that the House January 6 Committee members should face indictment. The indictment, he advocated, should relate to the alleged ‘unlawful destruction and eradication’ of files, including documents inherent to the committee’s probe into the Capitol Riot incident.

The avowal from Trump came on the heels of the pronouncement that his previous advisor, Steve Bannon, was instructed to report to jail as of July 1. He had been found in contempt of Congress for his defiance when presented with a subpoena from the J6 Committee.

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In Trump’s own words posted on Truth Social, ‘The current scenario where the arguably dishonest Joe Biden’s Department of Injustice is so desperate to incarcerate Steve Bannon, and every other Republican for that matter, for refraining from compliance with the Unselect Committee of Political Intimidators, who are all Democrats, and a pair of radically disoriented former Republicans, namely Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, is nothing short of an American catastrophe.’

Trump asserted that ‘it is undoubtedly established that the actual perpetrators were the Unselects, who committed actual crimes by erasing and demolishing all material evidence in a feeble effort to shield Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats from the TRUTH – I DID NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG.’

Continuing, Trump expressed his dismay at the weaponization of law enforcement that, in his view, ‘has escalated to a level of Illegality that was once unimaginable. The UNSELECT J6 COMMITTEE SHOULD BE INDICTED FOR UNLAWFULLY DELETING AND DEMOLISHING ALL OF THEIR ‘FINDINGS!’ MAGA2024.’

Trump added fuel to the fire by claiming that Steve Bannon’s appearance before the Unselect Committee would have been futile since ‘ALL OF THE INFORMATION ENDED UP UNLAWFULLY ERASED AND DEMOLISHED BY THESE IMPROPER RADICALS!’

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These assertions by Trump concerning indicting the committee members have provoked a sense of unease among the Democrats who participated in the same hearings.

In an early statement this year, Rep. Adam Schiff, known for his regular misrepresentations to the public in favor of the Russia collusion conspiracy theory, revealed some concern. ‘My wife and I have already been considering possible eventualities should things take a turn for the worst,’ said Schiff. ‘The ‘What if?’ scenario discussions are unavoidable. I also need to think about my personal safety.’

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House Democratic Caucus Chair and a committee member, Rep. Pete Aguillar, admitted to being concerned about Trump’s threats and properly understanding the implications. When addressing reporters, he explained that if he was sentenced to a local D.C. jail, his family would support him, saying no matter where he was, they would pay him visits.

Echoing similar sentiment was Rep. Zoe Lofgren who stated, ‘Every word Trump says indicates a certain level of intent and seriousness. This is a lesson I’ve taken to heart. If he voices certain ideas, I’m convinced that’s what he plans to pursue.’

As reported earlier by the DC Enquirer, the January 6 Committee allegedly erased over 100 encrypted files pertinent to their investigation before the House Republicans took control of the lower chamber in January 2023.

Armed with this information, Trump has repeatedly appealed for accountability for those involved in these actions. One such individual is former Rep. Liz Cheney, who served as vice-chair.

‘Liz Cheney, as well as the entire Unselect Committee, should be sent to Jail!,’ was the statement from Trump on Truth Social in March.


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