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Trump Delivers Strong Response to the Drone Strike Incident – ‘Marks a Horrible Day for America’ 

Former President Highlights Biden’s Absence in Recent Military Tragedy


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A statement has been released by ex-U.S. President Donald Trump concerning the unfortunate demise of three Army personnel in Jordan as a result of a drone strike earlier in the week. This public address came as news broke that current President Joe Biden had not reached out to the affected families of the servicemen. ‘A tragedy has befallen our nation with the drone strike on our military base in Jordan, taking the lives of three brave American servicemen and inflicting injuries on many more,’ Trump shared on Truth Social.

His heartfelt sympathy went out to the loved ones of these fallen heroes. ‘Americans across our great nation must unite in prayer and support for the servicemembers we unjustly lost and those wounded in this devastating incident,’ the former President urged.

Trump didn’t fail to express his discontent about Biden’s global and regional diplomatic strategies and policies, especially regarding areas like the Middle East which continue to remain sources of global tension.

He underlined, ‘This boldness in striking at the heart of America is yet another disastrous repercussion of Joe Biden’s policy of submission and weakness.’ Trump paralleled the current administration’s approach to Iran, with what was in place during his tenure as president.

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Drawing comparisons, he explained, ‘Three years past, Iran was financially weakened, and our stern policies ensured their resources were limited, therefore reducing their capacity to enable possible attacks on U.S. military personnel.’

The former leader voiced his frustrations, stating that the state of affairs changed drastically with the arrival of the Biden administration, which endowed Iran with substantial financial aid, indirectly enabling them to stir up mayhem in the Middle Eastern sphere.

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Striking a stern tone, Trump stated emphatically, ‘This level of attack could not have manifest under my administration. These acts, like the Hamas attack sponsored by Iran on Israel, and the current conflict in Ukraine would not have occurred. In contrast, we would be witnessing a harmonious world order. Now, we are on the verge of a potential third world war due to the present leadership.’

He reinforced the urgency of a shift back to a stance of peace through strength, highlighting that such a stance would ensure the cessation of chaos, destruction, and further loss of valuable American lives. ‘The future survival of our nation is at stake with Joe Biden as Commander in Chief,’ he concluded.

On the same note, a leading Fox News host expressed visible surprise when informed that President Biden had not contacted the families of the fallen service members. This shocking news manifested during live coverage of the aftermath of the incident that occurred earlier this week in Syria.

The deadly incident occurred on Saturday night when a hostile drone crashed into the military base located in Jordan. The unfortunate incident resulted in the loss of three service members’ lives and serious injuries to 25 others. The White House has traced the attack back to militant groups backed by Iran, operative in Syria and Iraq, denoting a sudden escalation in Middle Eastern tensions.

As Fox News reported via their White House correspondent, Jacqui Heinrich, President Biden has yet to reach out to the families of the lost servicemen, Sgt. William Rivers, Specialist Kennedy Sanders, and Specialist Breonna Moffett, leaving broadcasters noticeably taken aback.

Harris Faulkner, the news host, was visibly stunned. ‘Witnessing the continuing silence from the president regarding condolences to the families of these soldiers or his plans to special attendance to their dignified transfer at Dover leaves us with questions unanswered by the White House,’ Heinrich reported to Faulkner.

In response to the staggering news, Faulkner replied, ‘It has been three days, that’s a lot,’ to which Heinrich agreed. Despite the situation, they ended the segment with sentiments of gratitude and love for the affected families and servicemembers currently in the line of fire in the Middle East.

This deplorable event marks the initial loss of American servicemen’s lives at a Jordanian base and in the Middle East since the Gaza war began. It represents a significant escalation, bringing into light the weight of situations there and the policies enacted by the current and past administrations.

Irrespective of the political angle to this, the incident serves as a harsh reminder of the cost of conflicts and the immense sacrifice of our servicemen. While the leadership and their policies continue to be debated, the underlying reality is the human cost. The families of those lost continue to mourn, and we as a nation owe them our utmost respect and gratitude.

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