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Trump Criticizes Biden After 3 Service Members Dead from Iran Backed Militia

Courage, Condolences, and Critique: Ex-President’s Response to Military Attack


Following a devastating drone strike against a U.S. military facility in northeastern Jordan that led to the tragic loss of three American service people and the injury of at least 25 others, the prior U.S. President expressed severe criticism against the current administration.

Upon reflecting on this terrible event, he took to his social media platform, Truth Social, to share his deep condolences and thoughts about the incident. He expressed his heartfelt sympathies towards the bereaved families of the courageous Americans who gave their lives serving our Nation.

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He described the incident as a shocking act of aggression against the United States and a regrettable result of the existing administration’s alleged leniency and capitulation. His messages were direct and filled with disappointment at the present state of affairs.

He reminded the readers that just three years ago, Iran was financially challenged and vastly restrained due to America’s stringent policies. He spoke fondly of the Maximum Pressure approach that he asserts left Iran barely financially able to support their problematic proxies.

His assertion was that the current administration enabled Iran financially, leading to Iranian proxies causing havoc and bloodshed throughout the Middle East. He pointed out that under his administration, Iran was kept in check, a contrast to the present situation.

A high-ranking U.S. defense official disclosed to the media that the number of casualties may exceed the initially reported 25. These revelations further heighten the severity and impact of the incident on the U.S. troops and their families.

The former President was adamant that such an event would have been inconceivable were he still in office. He expressed clear confidence in his previous approach, explicitly making comparisons to the recent drone attack, the conflict in Ukraine, and the attack by Hamas on Israel.

His messages were filled with regret about the current global unrest, claiming that the world is now seemingly on the edge of a significant conflict, while we could have been enjoying global tranquility instead.

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Following the attack, a number of conservatives criticized the current president for his perceived lack of immediate response to the event. Some went a step further, alluding to the idea that the president’s actions were inadvertently benefiting Iran.

Senator Tim Scott, a Republican from South Carolina, voiced his frustration with the current administration. In his official statement, he made clear that it’s high time for firm and definitive action, and that Iran should answer for its proxies’ destructive actions.

Similarly, Representative Mike Rogers from Alabama, who heads the House Armed Services Committee, echoed these sentiments. He urged for a more proactive stance from the current administration towards the apparent threats posed by Iran and its extremist partners.

In his messages, the former President echoed the sentiment of numerous conservatives. There seems to be an emerging consensus among them that the tragic occurrence provides more evidence that something crucial needs to shift in the current approach to global affairs.

He insisted, in his messages, that America needs an immediate return to a position of Peace Through Strength, to prevent further chaos, distraction, and loss of valuable American lives.

He warned, with deep conviction, that with the current Commander in Chief, the American Nation may not endure the ongoing challenges. His words were filled with deep concern about the current national security status.

The assault that unfolded was the initial event in which U.S. service members have been claimed by hostile fire in the Middle East since the onset of the Israel-Hamas conflict in early October. It marks a notable escalation in regional tensions.

The incident serves as a somber reminder that our service people are often placed in perilous and life-threatening situations, emphasizing the importance of strong leadership and the strategic handling of international relations.

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