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Trump Considers Skipping Fox Debate and Appearing on Tucker Carlson Interview

Trump Mulls Dodging Fox Debate in Move That Could Amp Up Conservative Viewers


Donald Trump, who is maintaining a sturdy double-figure lead in political polls, continues to hint that he may skip the inaugural Republican presidential debate due next month, hosted by Fox News. ‘The decision hasn’t fully matured yet,’ Trump candidly stated to Fox on July 16.

The reasoning behind his potential absence, he purports, is that ‘When you’re distinctly ahead, there’s no need to participate.’ Of course, this presents a conundrum – how would a personality like Trump, characterized by his relish for high public viewership, present an alternative to Fox’s prime-time debate that will surely attract a large cable news audience, showcasing strong 2024 contenders such as Ron DeSantis.

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One option that Trump is rummaging around is a simultaneous interview with Tucker Carlson on his Twitter platform during the timeline of the debated. This alternative has been shared by two individuals who are well-informed about these backchannel discussions.

Trump has been reported to have initiated contact with Carlson, considering him for the interview, although concrete steps have not been taken.

For Trump, who finds himself anticipating a likely second federal indictment resulting from special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation of the events on January 6, Carlson might prove to be a more amiable interviewer in contrast to Fox’s selected debate moderators, Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum.

They have previously had disagreements over Baier’s weighty questions regarding Trump’s purported mishandling of confidential documents.

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Their exchange last month escalated to a point where Trump openly expressed his dissatisfaction on Newsmax, about Baier’s less than cordial demeanor, ‘I perceived it as decent, but not a single element of amiability was present. It was, to be blunt, quite hostile.’

Certainly, a potential interview on Tucker Carlson’s platform would not only be a strategy for Trump but also a trial for Fox News. Fox has previously flagged Carlson with a cease and desist letter, claiming his Twitter show contravened the conditions of his agreement with the network.

However, a source close to Carlson indicates that Fox’s legal team has not maintained further lines of communication with him since the issuance of the notice. ‘Fox is yet to cease his salary! They believed they could assert dominance over him by the virtue of his contract,’ commented a person siding with Carlson.

Fox News, at the time of writing, has refrained from providing commentary on the matter. The situation remains heated, as Trump’s political maneuvers continue alongside mounting legal challenges.

Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump seems to be maintaining a positive outlook in the face of her father’s increasing legal complications. The upcoming summer isn’t shadowed by her father’s predicaments, as she is determined to meet the sunniest season with high spirits.

Trump’s potential absence from the inaugural debate, coupled with an alternative plan to sit for an exclusive interview, indicates his tactical maneuvers in maintaining his political clout and image with a conservative audience.

Trump’s strategy, basking in his robust poll numbers while potentially avoiding a direct confrontation in the first Republican presidential debate, could signal a new approach in his political gameplay.

His intentions seemingly reflect a tactic to wield control over the narrative, potentially working in tandem with trusted allies such as Tucker Carlson to share his narrative with the audience.

However, it’s not all smooth-sailing for Trump’s potential plans. His previous interactions with Baier, as well as the ongoing investigation he faces, illustrate the challenges confronting his political journey.

Carlson, known for his conservative voice, might indeed offer Trump a platform more aligned with his viewpoints; an opportunity that could be mutually beneficial in reaching their shared conservative audience.

But it’s apparent that Trump’s strategy puts Fox News in an interesting position. Their reactions and decisions in response to these developments could reveal more about the internal dynamics of the media conglomerate.

In midst of all these developments and strategies, Ivanka Trump’s decision to continue her summer unaffected by her father’s legal conundrums suggests that the Trump family isn’t letting these challenges overshadow their private life. The unfolding future will provide us with more insights into these intrigues.


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