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Trump Boldly Challenges Biden to Take Drug Test Ahead of CNN Debate

Trump Invigorates Crowd with Demanding Pre-Debate Challenge to Biden

During a recent political gathering, Donald Trump, the flag-bearer of the Grand Old Party (GOP), voiced a daring request, challenging his Democratic competitor President Joe Biden to undergo both a cognitive and drug assessment prior to their anticipated CNN debate.

Trump, who has a long history of questioning Biden’s agility owing to his advanced age, made clear his suggestion to the enthusiastic crowd that gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada. He recalled his own successful completion of cognitive tests, suggesting that Biden owes a demonstration of his mental competence to the citizens of America.

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Trump, the 45th President, sarcastically pointed out how the mainstream media has been remiss in adequately reporting the frequent slips and errors Biden makes due to his cognitive decline. Drawing on a specific instance, he poked fun at Biden for his notorious geographical blunders, reminding his audience about when Biden confused Iowa for Idaho. Trump humorously remarked, ‘If I ever made such a mistake, my political career would be finished. I’d be labelled cognitively impaired.’

The DC Enquirer had previously reported that Biden, spurred by Trump’s ceaseless challenge for a public showdown, formally invited the GOP candidate for a debate. Trump had boasted that he was ready to face Biden ‘anytime, anywhere, and anyplace.’ In response to this challenge, Trump made it very clear: ‘I’ll be there.’ He also conveyed his excitement about engaging with Biden in the enchanting city of Atlanta.

As the venue will not allow any live audience due to safety measures, the particulars concerning the moderators of this high-stakes debate are yet to be finalized. Despite such issues, the debate will be aired live for viewers around the globe on CNN, CNN International, CNN en Espanol, CNN Max, and, ensuring that no one is denied the chance to witness this heated exchange of ideas.

The second debate, which is yet another linchpin event in the political calendar, is settled for September 10, with ABC News set to host the event. Taking to X to make the announcement, President Biden shared, ‘I’ve also welcomed and agreed to a debate invitation from ABC on Tuesday, September 10th.’

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Clipping the essence of the political gathering, Trump delivered a striking message: ‘Biden should subject himself to a cognitive test, validating his mental acumen before our much-awaited debate merely two weeks from now. I urge him to also submit himself to a drug test, which I am entirely willing to do.’


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