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SEE: Trump Blasts Colorado Supreme Court Ruling on Potential 2024 Run

Disqualification Attempt: Trump Fires Back on Truth Social


Former President Donald Trump has responded to the recent ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court on the potential disqualification of his run in the 2024 election due to the 14th Amendment ‘insurrectionist ban’. Trump expressed his thoughts on his social media platform, Truth Social, dubbing the ruling an unfortunate mark on the history of our nation.

The contentious ruling from Colorado’s Supreme Court featured a closely split panel, with a final vote at 4-3. Currently, the ruling is on pause until January 4th, which falls a day before the closure of the period for finalizing the candidate list for the GOP primary, as reported by CNN.

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Trump has taken this opportunity to not only voice his disappointment but also turn it into a fundraising moment. He has described the so-called ban to be a clear misstep and an indicator of a downward spiral for the American state in his public messages on Truth Social.

Trump’s posts encapsulate his strong sentiments over the situation. With his characteristic directness, he posted ‘WHAT A SHAME FOR OUR COUNTRY!!!’, clearly indicating his views on the ruling. This was followed by another post that read ‘A SAD DAY IN AMERICA!!!’, echoing his previous sentiment.

Not only did Trump express his displeasure with the ruling, but he also took a moment to quash other accusations that have been made against him. As ever, he pulled no punches, suggesting that current President Joe Biden should dismiss all ‘fake political indictments’ that have been waged against Trump, whether they be criminal or civil.

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Trump continued his discussion with a touch of exasperation about his situation, highlighting his frustration with the current legal proceedings and their origins from the Department of Justice and the White House. He revealed his feelings by writing ‘NO SUCH THING HAS EVER HAPPENED IN OUR COUNTRY BEFORE. BANANA REPUBLIC??? ELECTION INTERFERENCE!!!’, thus indicating his dissatisfaction with what he perceives as interference in the electoral process.

The ruling has sparked quite an uproar among GOP supporters on various social media platforms. Their discontent over the notion that Trump might not appear on the state’s presidential ballot is palpable, serving as a testament to the unwavering base that Trump still maintains.

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Harvard University’s well-known law professor, Alan Dershowitz, joined the conversation, expressing his critique in an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo. Dershowitz intimated clear dissatisfaction with the ruling, calling it a scandal and a disgrace.

In Dershowitz’s view, the justices who unveiled this controversial decision should seriously reconsider their position. He strongly believes that such a ruling goes against the very essence of democratic justice, degrading the noble duty of a justice.

According to Dershowitz, and many others sharing his view, Trump’s disqualification is void of any legal bearing or genuine legitimacy. His expression of it being ‘a purely partisan ploy’ resonates with those who see this move as politically motivated.

Urge for swift action was clear in Dershowitz’s message, stating the Supreme Court should get involved without delay. He emphasized the importance of returning to the basic democratic principle of electing presidents in correspondence with the wishes of the American citizens.

Dershowitz’s words revealed a pervading concern among many – the belief that the will of the people should take precedence, and not get upstaged by partisans and their biased preferences. Dershowitz asserted that their attempts to influence judicial decisions is a clear violation of the U.S Constitution.

The unfolding of these events signals a turbulent time in the political landscape. Decisions that seemingly, at least in Trump’s and his supporters’ view, manipulate the electoral process, resonate deeply, leaving an unfortunate mark on the sanctity of the democratic process.

Undoubtedly, this incident serves to fan the flames around election regulations, their interpretations, and the extent of their influence on the political playing field. It’s a milestone moment that extends the conversation about the true nature of democracy and will spark further discourses in times to come.

As the journey towards the 2024 election continues, all eyes will undoubtedly remain firmly fixed on further developments. The tension, the controversies and, above all, the consequences: all serve as crucial elements that define the political dialogue and shape the dynamics of our democratic system.


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