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Travis Kelce Opens Up About Past Twitter Posts and Taylor Swift Romance in Podcast

Travis Kelce’s Twitter History Unearthed Amid Taylor Swift Dating Rumors

Travis Kelce is certainly no stranger to the buzz that comes with old tweets being unearthed. He and his brother shared a humorous moment recalling his early days on the platform. Travis freely admitted his inclination to erase his younger self’s digital musings before the prying eyes of fans stumbled across them.

In words of comfort to his brother, Jason noted, ‘We all have past posts we’d rather erase,’ before querying what goes through Travis’ mind when he reviews his younger self’s social media escapades.

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‘I utilized Twitter as a personal journal more than anything else,’ was Travis’ chuckling response. One particular tweet that caught the eye of the brothers and followers alike was a quirky one dating back to April 2011. ‘I just fed a squirrel some bread, and it devoured the whole thing!!!! I didn’t realize they enjoyed bread to that extent!! Haha #bizarre,’ was Travis’ expressive dispatch back then.

During their shared podcast, it was a comical moment as Travis thought he misspelled ‘squirrel’ rather embarrassingly. However, Jason approached it from a more light-hearted angle and proclaimed, ‘I’m adopting your spelling of squirrel.’

The spontaneous revisit of Travis’ cinematic feed arose coincidentally with the rumors of his emerging relationship with pop sensation Taylor Swift, revealing fun surprises to fans.

‘Just about to grab some Taco Bell!!! then check in with everyone to see what the plans are,’ was one such post a younger Travis posted back in 2009. His creative spelling of the popular food chain ‘Chipotle’ as ‘Chipolte’ across various posts also added to the laughs.

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Ever since rumors of his link-up with the 33-year-old pop diva in September started swirling, the loyal Swift fanbase has had rather distinct opinions about Travis.

Some ardent followers have even started tuning in to football games since their idol began dating Travis, supporting him and his team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

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While Swift has made it to four of Travis’ games in this current season, she was absent when Jason’s team, the Philadelphia Eagles, outperformed the Chiefs in the rerun of Super Bowl LVII on Monday, November 20.

No novice to global gigs, Travis made it a point to go to Swift’s concert in Argentina earlier this month, one part of her worldwide Eras Tour. As their professional commitments become more demanding, the duo is committed to making the most of their shared moments.

A source shared inside news with Us Weekly – ‘Their near future is meticulously planned out. They don’t want to let their careers create a distance between them. They’re working hard to maintain the normalcy that characterizes most relationships.’

Continuing the insider’s reveal, ‘Their preference is to spend time together, including with their close friends and families. But in this phase of their relationship, they appreciate their alone time above everything else.’


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