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Tragic Assault Leads to Death of Jewish Elder at LA Pro-Palestine Rally

Violent Protest Ends in Fatal Consequences for Jewish Senior Citizen


In a sad turn of events in Los Angeles, a senior citizen of Jewish faith, identified as Paul Kessler, aged 65, succumbed to his injuries following a violent confrontation at a pro-Palestinian gathering held on a Sunday.

People in the know have confirmed that he had gone to the protest location on Westlake Blvd in Ventura County, waving an Israeli flag when he became the target of violence initiated by a participant of the said rally.

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Tragically, the involvement of Mr. Kessler in the rally was met with a harsh response from a protestor, who used their megaphone as an instrument of physical assault. The strength of the attack knocked Mr. Kessler down, leading to a severe head injury. In the immediate aftermath, bystanders witnessed a chilling scene – that of Mr. Kessler in a weakened condition, surrounded by blood.

Adding a humanitarian touch to this horrendous scene, a lady, who was part of the ongoing pro-Palestine demonstration and carrying a sign expressing solidarity for Palestine, sprung into action providing immediate aid. However, due to the severity of the injury, professional medical attention was quickly sought, and the victim was promptly transported to a nearby hospital in a critical state.

Despite being given immediate medical intervention, the intense brain injury Mr. Kessler acquired ultimately proved fatal, leading to his unfortunate demise on the following Monday. This incident has shocked the community and triggered an immediate response from the local law enforcing authorities.

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Quick to respond, the Ventura Sheriff’s Department arrived at the site of the incident. Officers began their investigation by interviewing the many witnesses who were present during the incident. However, up to this point, there have been no arrests linked to the shocking assault.

On the day after the assault, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office addressed the public with a formal statement. The statement shared the tragic news of the death of Mr. Paul Kessler, a man of 69 years. They indicated that this untimely death was caused by injuries from a dispute that occurred during concurrent demonstrations – one in favor of Israeli and the other for Palestinian interests, at a significant city intersection.

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Adding further details, they explained that the incident happened on a Sunday, November 5th, 2023, at approximately 3.20 PM. The occasion was marred when multiple citizens dialed the Ventura County Sheriff’s Communication Center, reporting an act of battery within the vicinity of the Westlake Boulevard and Thousand Oaks Boulevard, which was the exact location of the opposing demonstrations.

Upon reaching the location, the authorities found Mr. Kessler with the noticeable wound on the head. Eyewitnesses reported their take of events, letting the officers know that Paul ended up in a physical fight with a counter-protester or possibly multiple opposing protesters.

According to the available accounts, the conflict led to Paul Kessler falling backward and hitting his head hard on the ground. Following this, he was immediately rushed to a nearby medical center renowned for its advanced treatment facilities to get possibly life-saving assistance.

Sadly, just a day after the incident, on November 6, 2023, the hospital confirmed that Mr. Kessler did not survive his injuries. Following this, an autopsy was arranged, which resulted in the Ventura County Medical Examiner’s Office concluding that the cause of death was a blunt force head trauma, labeling the manner of death as homicide.

With the incident now being investigated as a homicide case, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office has turned to the public for help in gathering more evidence. They are seeking detailed information about the incident, and are encouraging anyone who was present at the demonstration or might have witnessed the attack, to reach out and share their knowledge.

The assigned point person for this ongoing investigation, Detective Stump, can be reached at (805) 384-4745. They are eager to gather all available information to ensure justice is served for Mr. Kessler.

Following the tragic incident at the protest, it’s important to underline that Mr. Kessler did not lose his life because of his stance about the situation in Gaza. Instead, it is alarming to recognize that the violent act committed against Mr. Kessler was an act of antisemitism.

The tragic event is a stark reminder of the worrisome implications when protestors voice support for organizations such as Hamas and label for ‘globalizing the intifada.’ These situations do not echo love for Palestinians but seem to showcase the deeply rooted hatred towards Jews.

Looking at the events that unfolded in Los Angeles, it’s a grim reminder of the cost of hatred. In 2023, a Jewish elder lost his life just for displaying his support and love for Israel. It wasn’t a cause or belief that claimed his life, but rather an act of hatred and antisemitism.

As the investigation continues, it is hoped that those responsible for this heinous act are swiftly brought to justice. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for peace, understanding, and respect for human lives irrespective of belief and origin.


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