Top Gun ‘Maverick’ Star Glen Powell Rumored to be With Co-Star Sydney Sweeney

‘Top Gun’ Star Glen Powell Discusses Stardom, Privacy, and His Love for Dog Brisket

Glen Powell, the star of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, opens up in a candid introspective conversation in a recent Men’s Health magazine interview. The actor spoke about the speculations surrounding his personal life, particularly his relationship with co-star Sydney Sweeney. These rumors blossomed in the public eye, which Powell found disarming and a touch unjust, but has come to recognize as a truism of his expanding public life.

The speculation began building momentum when he and Sweeney were revealed as on-screen romantic interests in the forthcoming film ‘Anyone But You’. Their camaraderie at public events and his separation from his past relationship with Gigi Paris added fuel to the conjecture. As a point of fact, Sweeney is affianced to Jonathan Davino, a successful restaurant owner.

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Powell shared the complexities of navigating the dating world with his escalating fame, attributed mainly to his role in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. A blossoming career, according to him, necessitates a partner ready to share in the unpredictable journey. A reluctant acknowledgment that the whirlwind nature of show business life can often prove challenging for any prospective partner.

‘In this industry, when the opportunities present themselves, you have to make the most of it,’, asserts Powell. ‘Acting is a career ripe with unpredictability, hence it requires someone who is open to uncertainty and is ready for a rollercoaster ride. The pursuit of the ephemeral requires an understanding and accommodative companion. To counterbalance this, one has to strive to be an optimal partner, and in love, I give it my all.’

Voicing candid reflections on relationship after his breakout in ‘Top Gun’, he reiterated the importance of having a partner who can handle the fast pace and uncertainty inherent in the profession. He stands convinced that maintaining a fine balance in personal and professional life is instrumental and preferable, given the volatility of the situation.

An intriguing aspect of his lifestyle involves splitting his time between Los Angeles, California, Austin, Texas – his family’s residence, and various cities where he happens to be filming. He quipped about his transient residence, suggesting that consuming the essence of one place for an extended period may not constitute a recipe for sound living.

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Powell’s life is not wholly soaked in transience, however; his faithful companion, his rescued puppy Brisket, provides a touch of constancy. Regarding Brisket, Powell confessed to his desire to pour all his affection into one being, thus leading to adopting the rescue pup during a personal low phase. Subtle aspects of love manifested when he first laid eyes on Brisket and immediately formed a bond.

Having made a prominent mark with ‘Hidden Figures’, the actor also took the opportunity to highlight his experience working alongside seasoned thespian Tom Cruise in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. His anecdote detailed how Cruise’s influence assisted him in molding and infusing life into his upcoming character, Lt. Jake ‘Hangman’ Seresin.

The actor reflected on his interaction with Cruise, sharing how the latter had been instrumental in shaping his character presentation. Powell disclosed that Cruise was a keen observer of personal characteristics and put forth the view that Powell was a considerate and empathetic individual, expressing regret even when unnecessary.

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He narrates, ‘Cruise pointed out that my natural tendency to be overly considerate might not align with my character portrayal. His advice was to exclude any hint of unnecessary remorse from my eyes.’ Powell’s recounting reveals Cruise’s keen involvement and commitment to the film, not just as a co-star, but also a producer.

Powell admitted that absorbing Cruise’s advice and altering intrinsic characteristics for a character portrayal was a process he found challenging yet rewarding. His experience hinges on the understanding that empathic and apologetic traits are not always conducive to certain roles, underpinning the element of versatility in acting.

Differentiating personal nuances from character portrayals is a powerful skill that Cruise helped Powell hone. Powell acknowledged that drawing a line between personal inclinations and character essence is critical, and this understanding has helped him give a convincing performance, which he hopes the audience will appreciate.

The actor also hinted at how the role in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ has significantly bolstered his career trajectory and shaped his approach towards acting and personal life. He showcased the ability to embrace and adapt to change, whether it’s about adjusting to increasing fame or working on personal attributes for his roles.

Various life lessons, such as accepting the vicissitudes of fame and the constant journey of self-improvement, become apparent through Powell’s candid conversation. His ability to recognize the challenges of his profession and personal life and still stride with enthusiasm is inspiring.

His discourse brings to light the many facets of the world of showbiz – the constant scrutiny, the rush, and the precariousness of the fleeting stardom. Yet, it highlights the rewarding experiences, the relationships forged, the lessons learned, and the love that keeps him grounded.

Overall, this interview serves as a sneak peek into Powell’s life infused with stardom’s quirks and perks, professional challenges, personal reflections, and the endearing love he has for his dog, Brisket. It humanizes the celebrity, reminding us that beyond the glamour is a person with real emotions and experiences, making his way through life’s highs and lows.


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