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Tommy DeVito’s Hangs Out with Jersey Shore’s Snooki

Giants Rookie DeVito Mixes with Jersey Shore Celebrity Amidst Controversy

Tommy DeVito, the rookie quarterback for the Giants, recently had an exciting day in Morris County, New Jersey. During this adventure, he encountered a local celebrity Nicole Polizzi, AKA Snooki – well-known for her appearance on the popular MTV reality show spinoff, ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’. This encounter occurred during an autograph signing event held at The Hobby Hive in East Hanover.

Before this meeting with Polizzi, DeVito’s day had started on a different, more controversial note. The 25-year-old rookie had found himself entangled in an online quarrel about an event at a famous pizzeria, Coniglio’s Old Fashioned located in Morristown. This issue involved DeVito and restaurant owner, Nino Coniglio, which was related to a sudden change in event plans.

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Initially, Coniglio’s pizzeria had organized a special event featuring DeVito that was scheduled for a Tuesday. However, to everyone’s surprise, the pizzeria owner cancelled the appearance on the preceding Sunday. He asserted that the cancellation was due to DeVito’s fee arising subsequent to his excellent performance on ‘Monday Night Football’. This match, where the Giants pulled off a close 24-22 victory against the Packers on December 11th, had indeed increased DeVito’s desirability as a guest.

One of DeVito’s team members, Sean Stellato, his agent, turned into an internet phenomenon after the Giants’ victory. Stellato weighed in on Coniglio’s allegations about the increased appearance fee. In his official statement, Coniglio indicated that there were preliminary agreements on the terms of DeVito’s participation – encompassing two hours, 250 autographs, and an agreed fee of $10,000.

However, the aftermath of the Monday night game witnessed a significant change in the scenario. It was reported by Rovell that Stellato subsequently quoted a revised fee of $20,000, essentially doubling the initial price. This surprising turn of events became public knowledge through a screenshot of the conversation between the concerned parties, shared by Rovell.

It was notable that Stellato was absent during DeVito’s Tuesday visit to Coniglio’s. On that very same day, Paul Schwartz of The Post reported that DeVito had hired a new representative for his marketing activities, Maxx Lepselter.

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Under the swirling controversies and mix-ups, DeVito admitted to The Post that a few details fell through the cracks due to his busy schedule and a large team handling various aspects. However, he also articulated a sense of responsibility about rectifying the situation once he was informed about it.

The rookie quarterback explained, ‘As soon as I got the news on my phone that day, I immediately realized that I needed to act. My first step was to meet Nino Coniglio in person, owning up to our misunderstandings and making sure all misunderstandings were cleared. And of course, I also ensured I had a taste of their famous pizza.

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Looking towards the future, Lepselter confirmed to the media that DeVito is scheduled for another visit to Coniglio’s pizzeria in the upcoming year. This reiteration of the collaboration suggests an effort from DeVito and his team to maintain good relations with the local spots he frequents.

Despite the sidetracks and the social media noise, DeVito’s main focus remains on football. After experiencing a tough defeat of 24-6 against the Saints, the rookie player is now prepping for his Monday face-off against the Eagles; a game that is particularly notable as it’s going to take place on Christmas Day, in Philadelphia.


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