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Tommy DeVito’s Agent Steals the Show with Vibrant Green Suit

NFL Commentator Compares Stellato’s Outfit to a Leprechaun

Sean Stellato, the renowned spokesperson of Tommy DeVito, is in the spotlight once again, capturing the attention of an NFL commentator. Before the face-off between the Giants and the Saints in New Orleans, Stellato was seen on the field in a vibrant green suit. He was exchanging greetings with DeVito and taking snaps with others present on the sidelines.

Stellato’s suit bore a coat of arms symbol signifying the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame, an organization that had just recently inducted him. As the uncontracted rookie quarterback DeVito was getting ready for the match, he, his brother Max, and Stellato shared a warm hug and a huddle.

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During the live broadcast of the game, Jonathan Vilma, a commentator teaming with Kenny Albert for Fox, compared Stellato’s look to a Leprechaun, hinting at his distinctive green suit. Then, on the following Monday, Stellato caught the national spotlight when he was seen in a pair of sleek black pinstripes and a matching black fedora during ESPN’s ‘Monday Night Football’ show.

Stellato watched the Giants clinch their third successive victory against the Packers, with DeVito spearheading the winning streak. An endearing moment during the game saw Stellato and Tom Sr., DeVito’s father, sharing a warm peck on the cheek

Caught in a heartfelt moment after the game, Stellato, who is a father to four girls, conveyed to The Post that his ethnic background was something he took great pride in. Similarly, he expressed his profound passion for his clients and his professional dedication as a sports agent.

Never shying away from a unique style, Stellato revealed that his eccentric attire was a tribute to his late grandmother, Littizza. She was a sales assistant at a men’s apparel shop until she was well into her eighties. Littizza would often bring home gifts during festival times, allowing a young Stellato to indulge in dressing up. Fondly called ‘Owa,’ his grandmother’s influence continues to inspire his fashion choices.

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He reminisces a recent visit to her resting place at the Greenlawn Cemetery in Salem, Massachusetts, sharing an emotionally charged interaction. He left his Hall of Fame hat — a symbol of his Italian-American heritage — on her grave, praying for his clients’ success for the rest of the playing season.

Overwhelmed with gratitude for having been partly fostered by his grandmother, Stellato vowed to never forget her. He clarified that his decision to wear the fedora cap was a nod to the accessory’s importance in Italy, adding that he aimed to bring back the fashion trend in the United States.

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Expressive gestures were noted again on the sidelines during the game, with DeVito, his brother, Max, and Stellato engaging in a group hug and moment of solidarity. The intimate image was captured by Corey Sipkin, a photographer for the NY Post.

In a lighter moment, amid a bustling game-day in New Orleans, Corey Sipkin also caught Sean Stellato on a telephonic conversation, further capturing the sports agent’s dynamic role on the sidelines, evidently always on call.

Tommy DeVito has honored his agent Stellato by bestowing upon him a playful, affectionate nickname — the ‘Italian Stallion’ of sports agents. On being asked about it by The Post, Stellato expressed his pride.

Stellato articulated that carrying the moniker — indicative of both his Italian-American roots and a tribute from DeVito — was a special honor coming from such a significant sports personality as DeVito.

Whether it’s a memorable dress code, a demonstrated commitment to clients, or the evident passion for his Italian heritage, Sean Stellato proves to be an inspiring figure in the sporting world, much like the athletes he so passionately represents.


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