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Timberwolves Star Anthony Edwards Involved in Controversial Abortion Scandal

Hoops to Scandal: Edwards Responds to Allegations of Pregnancy Termination

In recent basketball news, Anthony Edwards of the Minnesota Timberwolves has been accused by a woman of fathering her child and subsequently proposing her $100,000 to terminate the pregnancy. Acclaimed Instagram model, Paige Jordae, has claimed that she has exchanged text messages with Edwards, where the 22-year-old allegedly suggested her to consider an abortion and offered financial assistance, a claim corroborated by several screenshots posted on social media.

Edwards, who in the recent past has committed another half-decade of his professional basketball career to the Timberwolves with a whopping contract extension worth $260 million, admits to making regrettable remarks ‘in the spur of the moment’. He communicated this in his public acknowledgment of the situation, without delving into specific details related to the controversy.

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In Edwards’s composed response, he revealed some personal remorse, acknowledging, ‘I made comments in the impassable rush of emotions that contradict my true character, and are not consistent with my values and the sort of individual I aspire to be.’

Determined to respect women’s autonomy and their rights to choose, and to manage his private concerns out of the public eye, he added, ‘Every woman deserves support and empowerment to make independent decisions about her body and whatever best suits her circumstances. I have resolved to deal with my personal issues confidentially and will refrain from making any further statements at this point in time.’

It’s widely accepted that Anthony Edwards has been in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Jeanine Robel. In the unfolding controversy, Paige Jordae’s Instagram Story initially exposed a screenshot of a $100,000 wire transfer, dated November 27, 2023, suggesting it as the proposed amount for the abortion.

In addition, Paige Jordae posted alleged text messages exchanged where Edwards seemed to be adamant about not ready for parenthood, quoting, ‘I don’t want a kid’, ‘Just take the pills’ and ‘Ok just make sure I get da video of the box wit the right pills.’

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Overwhelmed by the circumstances, Jordae shared her side of the story, affirming her commitment to maintaining the privacy of her relationship. She disclosed being disappointed with the professional basketball player’s lack of accountability.

‘I’ve never taken a personal dispute to the internet concerning anyone,’ she stated in one post. Expressing her disapproval of the situation, Jordae asserted, ‘I made countless attempts to address this issue privately, but my persistent endeavors were overlooked.’

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‘I’ve been deceived and controlled by someone who is completely aware of their actions, yet refuses to accept any responsibility. People are often in search of a scapegoat, and I presume this time, it’s going to be me,’ she further added.

The Minnesota Timberwolves, as a team, to date, have remained silent on this topic, choosing not to release any public comments about Anthony Edwards’s personal situation.

Despite the personal storm, Edwards continues to showcase his professional prowess in basketball, averaging impressive stats of 24.2 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 5.1 assists for his team, the Timberwolves.

With regards to the team’s activity, the Timberwolves, who are currently enjoying a strong season (19-5), are scheduled to compete with the Heat (15-11) in an exciting match-up in Miami on the forthcoming Monday.

As the dust settles on this situation, it remains to be seen how Edwards handles these off-court matters moving forward and how it affects his on-court performance in the coming games.


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