Fauci Email LEAKS Are Proving DeSantis Was RIGHT

It may be old news to anyone who hadn’t been at the mercy of the corporate news media during the covid-19 outbreak, but Fauci was wrong. He was wrong about may things, and, as many of his released emails have suggested, he was wrong on purpose. In other words, Fauci was lying – and he almost got away with it.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has acceded to the status of both most revered and most controversial governor in the country, went on a public tear against the suddenly discredited immunologist. DeSantis and many other non-establishment personalities have gone on the offensive against lock-down rhetoric since the damning disclosure of many thousands of pages of correspondence between Fauci and those within his professional and political circles. The Florida governor expressed suspicion and concern over Washington’s continued unwillingness and unease in perusing the origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

They did not want this lab leak hypothesis to be tested or investigated. And you have to understand why,” DeSantis remarked to a crowd of reporters, “especially now a year later when we know there really is no other really strong explanation for how this thing could have started.”

DeSantis laid a heavy implication of U.S. Officials being involved in the development of covid, albeit indirectly through the use of international charity foundations.

I think that some of these grants end up in these charities that can end up in Wuhan. And I think all that needs to be investigated.”

President Biden has recently reauthorized an investigation into the origins of covid-19, and there has been some speculation that Fauci may soon be dismissed from his position as additional FoIA requests are being submitted to attain even more of Fauci’s emails.

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DeSantis, meanwhile, has enjoyed soaring approval ratings within his state, as well as economic metrics that eclipse those of faltering, more agoraphobic states. Many residents of which have taken to moving to Florida as well as Texas. At this rate, future lockdowns spurred on by covid variants may be entirely absent depending on your state.


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