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WATCH: “The View” Hosts Have Meltdown After Actor Says He Won’t Endorse Biden

‘The View’ Panel Clashes Over ‘The Rock’s’ Shifted Political Position

Joy Behar The View

During an early broadcast in April 2024, the popular ABC show ‘The View’ saw its panelists engage in a lively debate. A particular point of contention was none other than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, the influential WWE star and actor. The bone of discontent? Johnson had recently expressed his decision not to support Joe Biden once again in the 2024 elections due to perceived mishandling of various issues during his tenure.

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This revelation came to light during an interview Johnson had with Fox News Channel’s Will Cain on ‘Fox & Friends’. The actor articulated his change in position from the 2020 elections, where he had endorsed Biden. However, given the current state of affairs in America, his consistent support was wavering.

During his conversation with Cain, Johnson didn’t mince his words, expressing his unease with the country’s prevailing situation. ‘Am I content with the place America finds itself in presently? The answer would be a resounding no,’ confirmed the star. Yet, Johnson, ever the optimist, held on to his hope for a brighter future.

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Heavily reflecting on his previous endorsement of Biden, Johnson shared, ‘The backing I provided for Biden a few years back was what seemed the best choice for me at that period. It was a moment where my influence held weight and I felt it was my responsibility to use it to guide others in their decision-making process.’

In what might come as a disappointment for some, Johnson clarified that he would not be going down the same path again this year. This news was met with immediate backlash from the panelists on ‘The View’, who swiftly expressed their displeasure.

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As the show played the clip wherein Johnson proclaimed his non-endorsement of Biden, the studio audience greeted it with pronounced booing. As the room regained its quietude, Joy Behar, known for her left-leaning views, led the charge against Johnson.

Behar argued that the actor’s views should be disregarded due to him speaking to Fox News and opined that celebrities should ideally keep mum on political affairs. This perspective, as expected, was met with certain counterpoints from fellow co-hosts.

Making a case for Johnson was Anna Navarro. According to Navarro, the actor’s popularity didn’t strip him of his rights as a citizen, which includes the freedom to voice political opinions. Navarro pointed out that Johnson’s image had always been about promoting the act of voting, versus supporting a specific party or candidate.

As Navarro finished her defense, the group encountered another differing viewpoint in the form of Sunny Hostin. Hostin, sharing views similar to Behar’s, launched a vehement attack against Johnson. She directed her chief issue with his decision toward the perceived threat posed by Donald Trump to the democratic process.

Beginning her argument, Hostin expressed concern over a seeming erosion of democracy, and attributed it to Trump. It was in this context that she offered a critique of The Rock’s stance. ‘We’re in a time where someone aspiring for the presidential chair is a danger to democracy. Someone who’s been involved with numerous criminal charges and aims for autocracy from the day he assumes office,’ she stated.

Continuing, Hostin suggested that those possessing platforms had a duty to act against Trump. ‘The current scenario calls for active participation from anyone who holds sway over the public. Regardless of my usual opinion that celebrities needn’t be compelled to be politically involved, the present moment is demanding they rise to the occasion,’ she said.

However, rounding out the discussion was Alyssa Farrah Griffin. She expressed some reservation in attributing any significant impact to Johnson’s decision, challenging the notion of the superstar having a dedicated political constituency. ‘I’m not sure The Rock holds sway over either Republicans or Democrats who twiddle their thumbs in anticipation of his endorsement,’ she claimed.

Griffin further emphasized the importance of Johnson’s role in encouraging citizens to exercise their right to vote. Despite the critique, she seemed to agree with an underlying principle embedded in Johnson’s stance – that the key focus should be on facilitation of the voting process itself.

The debate on ‘The View’ offers an intriguing snapshot of the fractious nature of politics in 2024. It underscores the complexities of American politics, with diverse standpoints becoming the vehicles for each of us to interpret and form our own opinions.

In the grand scheme of things, whether or not Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson supports Biden in the 2024 election might not alter the course of political events significantly. But it does provide a mirror onto the state of a nation and its citizenry – their hopes, their choices, their divisions.

What arguably became clear from this episode is the relevance and power of personal platforms in today’s interconnected world. It reiterates that the personal is indeed political, as each public figure’s opinion matters and would potentially influence the way individuals perceive the political landscape.


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