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The Truth Behind Trump’s Supposed Russian Ties

Durham Report Exposes Years-Long Smear Campaign Against Trump


It is common knowledge that Donald Trump lost the presidential election to current President Joe Biden. However, what is often overlooked is the fact that the FBI, the media, and the Hillary Clinton campaign created the notion that Trump was a Russian asset.

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We also know that the claim that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation was a cover story made in conjunction with the Biden campaign, and that Joe Biden lied about it in one of the presidential debates. The media does a great job of squashing conspiracy theories regarding the last election’s vote count, but when it comes to these other facts, despite the public record, many still believe them to be true.

Last week, after four years of investigation, Special Counsel John Durham released his report. While Robert Mueller’s investigation found no evidence of a Trump-Russia conspiracy and the Justice Department Inspector General report found that the FBI’s surveillance of Trump officials was unreasonable, the Durham report traced the reports of Trump-Russia collusion to their sources and found them unverified, fabricated, or simply invented by the Clinton campaign.

These lies were then echoed by the media and anti-Trump members of the FBI. The combination of these three reports expose the years-long smear campaign against Trump. Former California Representative Adam Schiff was among those claiming to have evidence of collusion; these claims were stoked by MSNBC and other media outlets. Nevertheless, many have never heard of the Durham report, and even those who have aren’t entirely sure what it says. Shockingly, 52% of voters who had heard of the report believed it supported the FBI’s investigation of Trump, even though it concluded the opposite. It’s worth noting that the report indicates a systemic lack of values in the people leading these organizations, rather than a particular individual or party.

Similarly, the Hunter Biden laptop is not a fabrication; it is real and deserves to be investigated by an honest and probing press. Emails from the laptop indicate that Joe Biden received an undisclosed share of influence-based contract peddling. After the letter from 51 intelligence officials was proved to be concocted by then Biden campaign adviser Anthony Blinken following a call with former CIA chief Mike Morrell, 59% of Americans accept that the laptop is authentic. However, 59% of Democrats still believe it to be Russian disinformation. During the debate, Joe Biden referred to something he knew to be genuine as ‘garbage’ – it raises serious questions about his honesty regarding his son’s influence peddling business. After all, 53% of people believe that he was involved, yet he has faced little questioning on the topic. In the 1990s, the media relentlessly peppered Bill and Hillary Clinton with questions about their business dealings. Any presidential administration received the same thorough press scrutiny, regardless of party affiliation. As the Durham report highlights, when the media fails to ask tough questions, public officials can act on partisan impulses rather than on their principles, with the support of a partisan press. When this happens, equal justice under the law becomes a farce.

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These are the facts. The left-leaning media, Democrats, and social media giants censor stories that they don’t agree with. It all boils down to this: we need a fair and balanced press with integrity that’s willing to cover every angle of every story equally. That is what’s needed to make the American Democracy work. The media must stop playing favorites and censoring stories that they don’t like. By doing so, they risk becoming the propaganda wing of the Democratic party.

Take Hunter Biden’s laptop as an example – stories about it were blocked by Twitter and Facebook, with the media and the Biden campaign calling it nothing more than Russian propaganda. However, as more and more Americans learn the truth, it’s becoming clear that Hunter Biden’s emails implicate Joe Biden in some very concerning dealings, none of which have been adequately answered; it’s time for the press to start asking the hard questions.

Then, of course, there’s the matter of Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia. For years we were told that the evidence was irrefutable. Adam Schiff went on TV night after night and talked about how damaging it would be to Trump. But then the evidence came out: all of it was fabricated. The FBI was working for the Democrats to take President Trump down from day one. This is the kind of information that every American should have known before the last Presidential Election. But the media did their best to completely bury it.

Unfortunately, this type of politicization isn’t new. Politicians have always played dirty. But now, when their lies and deceit are caught, rather than admitting to it, they simply say that the stories aren’t true. This is a new tactic; companies like Twitter and Facebook are now censoring stories that don’t fit their specific narrative. It’s a scary time for America, and it makes one wonder what our future holds as a nation.

One thing is for sure: We must demand the truth, no matter whose side it falls on. There is good and bad on both sides of the aisle, and by being honest and truthful, we can work together to create a better world for everyone.

The press holds a significant amount of power to shape public opinion, and the media’s failure to adequately investigate and report the truth puts our democracy in grave danger. It undermines the American people’s faith in the press, which is essential to maintaining a healthy democracy.

One of the core values that the conservative demographic cherishes is the importance of individual liberty and the protection of our constitutional freedoms. Without an honest media to keep our government accountable for their actions, the government has the power to essentially do anything they please. This would be a grave violation of our individual liberties and constitutional freedoms.

The media has been a trusted institution in our society for decades, tasked with keeping our government accountable. Unfortunately, in recent years, that institution has failed the American people. The FBI, and even the media, has polluted the truth for political ends. The Durham report shows us that something is indeed wrong with our once-trusted institutions and offers a glimmer of hope for those who still trust the media and our elected officials.

It’s been said that the pen is mightier than the sword. That saying still holds true today. The media’s job is to report the truth to the public, not hide it for political gain. We need a fair and balanced press that is accountable to the American people, that doesn’t favor one party or candidate over the other.

If we are to maintain a healthy democracy, we must demand that our press be held to a higher standard and help promote the importance of individual liberties. The media’s job is to keep the government transparent and accountable for its actions, not to push an agenda or promote a political party. It’s time for the media to do its job and start asking the tough questions, regardless of which party they’re from. After all, the media’s job is to inform, not to persuade.

In conclusion, a fair and balanced press is essential to our democracy. We must demand better from our institutions, as it is the only way to ensure that our government is transparent and accountable to the American people. It is our responsibility to hold the media accountable and demand that the truth be reported. Let us remember that we are a nation that was founded on individual liberty, and we should never take that for granted.


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