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The ‘Scripted’ Biden Interview: Sage Steele Breaks Silence on ESPN’s Control

Inside ESPN’s Controlled Interview with Biden: The Steele Reveal

Sage Steele, previously a host on ESPN, dropped some bombshell revelations about a 2021 interview she conducted with President Joe Biden, stating it was meticulously ‘scripted’ by the top brass of the network. Sharing details of this experience in a Fox News Digital interview, Steele shed light on how the normally spontaneous process was replaced by a rigid and controlled arrangement, one that her ESPN superiors micromanaged using a prescribed ‘script’.

The content of this conversation between Steele and President Biden, which took place in March 2021, revolved largely around the challenges faced by major sports leagues as they were striving to return to normality amidst the COVID pandemic. They also touched on the topic of vaccine reluctance common among athletes and fans alike. The script, handcrafted by the ESPN executives, guided the entire conversation.

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Interestingly, this interview became a major talking point when President Biden backed the MLB’s All-Star game’s decision to boycott Atlanta. This move followed the introduction of an election reform law in Georgia. However, it’s important to clarify that all the questions Steele posed and the manner in which they were delivered were dictated completely by ESPN’s top-tier management.

Steele presented an inside look into the meticulous planning that went into the interview. Each question asked was carefully written, examined repeatedly by multitude editors and executives, and striated to the nines. ‘I strictly adhered to the script and was instructed not to diverge from it,’ voiced Steele, living to the design created by the higher-ups at ESPN.

She mentioned that the script regulation was so profound that it left no room for any follow-up questions or off-the-script remarks. The command from the decision-making executives who occupy the fourth floor was clear: ‘Ask the question as it’s written. No stray questions, simply move on to the next.’

It’s not definitive whether the lines of questions were shared with the White House prior to the interview, but Steele seems confident that this is likely what transpired. ESPN, when approached for a comment, decided to remain silent on this issue.

Steele has since ventured out on her own, launching a new podcast titled ‘The Sage Steele Show.’ Drawing attention to her short interaction with President Biden, she reflected on it with a tone of disappointment, expressing concerns about the President’s cognitive abilities.

With a tone of real concern, Steele highlighted the handling of President Biden by those who claim to care about him. ‘I genuinely feel it’s heartrending that this situation has been allowed by those who argue they care for Biden,’ she stated, focusing not on politics but the human dimensions of what she was seeing.

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Trying to detach herself from any political bias or personal beliefs, Steele emphasized, ‘This processes through the filter of humanity, rather than politics. When an individual is struggling, why would we deliberately expose them to an unforgiving spotlight, knowing there are issues?’

She displayed a substantial amount of empathy, raising the question, ‘Do people genuinely care about him? Respect for him as a father, a husband, a person, should be paramount.’

Steele shared further details of her less than appealing pre-interview experience with Biden, recalling an incident where the President ‘trailed off.’ ‘The interview was digital, and while we had to keep things going due to some technical issues, he started losing track,’ explained Steele, appearing on Maher’s ‘Club Random’ podcast last fall.

There was a black curtain concealing President Biden from Steele’s sight until the very last moment, preventing her from reading his cues. Despite this, Steele could hear him clearly. She strained to keep the conversation fluid as Biden asked, ‘What is this for?’ showing a noticeable lack of awareness about the situation.

This lack of recognition continued, as Biden queried ‘Who am I talking to? Wait—what’s her name?’ to which Steele could only respond, surprised yet professional, ‘Hi, Mr. President. Nice to meet you.’ trying to keep the chat alive while she waited for the technicians to sort the technical issues out.

In a bid to engage, Biden brought up his past experiences playing football and started reminiscing about his ‘glory days.’ However, Steele expressed unease over this, stating that it was disconcerting to have this type of conversation, especially since she couldn’t see him behind the curtain.

Her discomfort escalated when she tried to extend the conversation by clarifying Biden’s role in football as a receiver. As he attempted to elaborate, his voice faded, adding to the ominous feeling of the conversation. As Steele recollects, Biden murmured ‘I was good,’ fell eerily silent, then added, ‘Uhh… never mind.’

Overall, this eye-opening interaction reflects the meticulous control exerted by major network executives over high-profile interviews. Meanwhile, Steele’s worry over the President’s mental acuity presents another point of concern, subtly nodding to the importance of prioritizing individual well-being over political maneuvering.

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