The ‘Qanon Shaman’ Jacob Angeli-Chansley has Decided to Run for Congress

Chansley’s Bid: A Fresh Libertarian Voice for Arizona’s 8th District


Jacob Angeli-Chansley, an intriguing figure in recent political happenings, has thrown his hat into the ring to vie for a coveted Congressional seat in the illustrious state of Arizona.

Chansley is not merely a political novice treading the murky waters of politics. He harbors ambitions to represent the Libertarian Party for the 8th Congressional District in the pivotal 2024 elections.

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As outlined in the documents he recently filed, Chansley is planning to take up this political challenge with all the gumption of an individual who has faced formidable trials and tribulations in the past.

Interestingly, the scenario for the 8th district seems to be wide open. The incumbent GOP Rep. Debbie Lesko has made clear her decision not to seek another term, creating an opening for eager contenders like Chansley to fill.

This political void isn’t just attracting Chansley though. A few other noteworthy figures have their sights set on the seat. Notably, ex-Republican Rep. Trent Franks, a decorated political veteran, as well as former attorney general candidate Abe Hamadeh, and Blake Masters, a previous Senate contender.

Chansley, however, is no stranger to the national spotlight. His name echoed across news outlets in relation to his participation in the Capitol event that shook the country.

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In the aftermath of these events, the wheels of justice, often slow but precise, found Chansley guilty of civil disorder, obstruction of an official proceeding, and trespassing in a restricted building.

These were nothing but serious accusations, thereby warranting severe consequences. As befits such severe mishaps, he was awarded a 41-month federal prison sentence complemented by a 36-month period of supervised freedom.

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In line with the official judgement, Chansley served approximately 27 months behind bars, paying his dues to society for his actions. A seemingly transformed figure, he managed to secure early release.

Following this period of confinement, Chansley emerged to rejoin society. He found himself in a transitional home in Phoenix this past March, a facility enabling him to gently ease back into ordinary life.

On the other hand, Chansley is not without his formidable adversaries. One could highlight Trent Franks, an illustrious figure himself, who served the public through eight successful terms in Congress.

Franks wasn’t just a mere member, he was a favored choice of his constituents, repeatedly winning elections by substantial margins. His consistency establishes him as a serious contender for the vacant district seat.

Then there’s Debbie Lesko, whose shoes are to be filled in this hotly contested race. Since 2018, she has held this seat, demonstrating steadfast commitment and solid leadership.

Lesko has declared her intent to serve the entirety of her term, finishing in January 2025. This leaves a distinct gap for a potential successor to step in, filling her shoes, and navigating the important future of the 8th district.

In this intriguing, high-stakes contest where various figures vie for power, the question remains: Can Chansley, with his controversial past and unconventional path, rise to the occasion? Only time and the discerning voters of Arizona’s 8th Congressional District will tell.


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