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Trump Indictment Is More Complicated Then the First One

Special Counsel Meticulously Laid Out Evidence Against Trump


Constitutional Law Professor and Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley has commented on the new indictment over classified documents, comparing it to the Manhattan indictment for President Trump.

Turley noted that the Miami indictment is a “whole new ballgame” and not just a political prosecution like the Alvin Bragg case. While discussing the charges, Turley stated that the recent indictment is quite damning and that the Special Counsel meticulously laid out an abundance of detail to make a point.

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Turley further explained that this indictment is not simply a bare-bones one but contains a great deal of evidence to back up its claims.

This is in contrast to other indictments that merely convey facts without sufficient evidence. Prosecutors drafted this indictment to address the concerns of the people who might question the Department of Justice’s partiality or think that they’re politically motivated.

In conclusion, Turley stated that the Trump squad should not underestimate these charges as they are hits below the waterline. Witnesses, who testified under oath, have stated that the President encouraged them not to seek classified documents or to conceal them.

Trump has been indicted on federal charges relating to Special Counsel Jack Smith’s months-long investigation regarding his Mar-a-Lago home’s improper retention of classified records.

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Sources have revealed that federal prosecutors informed Trump’s lawyers of the indictment a short time ago, before he took to social media to announce it. Smith was appointed in November 2022 by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

It was alleged that Trump took 15 boxes of presidential records to his personal residence in Florida, according to NARA. In February 2022, NARA told Congress that they had identified items marked as classified national security information within the boxes.

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The Justice Department began investigating the accusation, and the FBI conducted an unprecedented raid on Trump’s private residence the following August. Classified data, including letters from foreign leaders and official correspondence between Trump and foreign heads of state, were allegedly confiscated.

It has widely been reported that Turley does not consider himself as a staunch Trump supporter. However, in this instance, he stated that the Miami indictment was a “whole new ballgame” compared to other political prosecutions.

He went on to explain that he thought Smith to be a serious prosecutor and head of the Special Counsel’s office. Additionally, he spoke out against the Alvin Bragg case, stating that, in his opinion, it had gone too far.

In the face of these new developments, it’s important to remember that the Justice Department is an independent institution tasked with ensuring that the rule of law is not violated by anyone- even the President of the United States.

The fact that this indictment is so meticulously crafted demonstrates that the Department of Justice wanted to share every detail transparently with the public, putting aside partisan or political concerns.

While the Trump team may feel that the charges are politically motivated, having a serious prosecutor providing accusations based on clear evidence cannot be dismissed outright. The fact that Trump himself announced it on Truth Social makes it clear that he knew something was coming. The indictment has turned out to be damning, showing that the President made comments to hide potentially incriminating material.

Despite the Florida indictment being a new and serious development in the ongoing case of Trump’s alleged unlawful retention of classified documents, the fact remains that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

It is essential to go through all of the available evidence, both for and against, before bringing charges. The Miami indictment is still in the very early stages, and the Justice Department has a significant burden of proof to demonstrate.

As with any legal case, it is essential to allow the court system to run its course. It’s worth noting that irrespective of political affiliation, everyone has the right to a just and fair trial. It’s only after weighing all of the facts and arguments that the courts will decide whether or not the President had committed a crime worthy of indictment.

Trump’s team would have to put aside political rhetoric and get to work as soon as possible to defend against these allegations. While the charges are undoubtedly serious, it is important not to jump to any conclusions until all of the evidence is examined and argued over in court.

Trump has an obligation to defend himself against the accusations as all Americans do, even former presidents.

In cases such as these, it’s worth noting that there is often a fine line to tread between personal freedom and national security concerns. In the end, the Department of Justice must strike a balance between bringing charges and national security interests involved in keeping sensitive documents under wraps.

The stakes are even higher when the senior-most person in the country is involved, as in this case.

It’s understandable that Trump and his followers may see this indictment as a witch hunt or political persecution. However, when a prosecutor presents such elaborate and detailed charges, it’s tough to see it that way.

Rather, it’s more like them trying to hold the President accountable for his actions and protecting the integrity of sensitive and classified private information.

Arguably, the Miami indictment is the most significant blow to the Trump administration in recent times. Michael Cohen and Roger Stone, Trump’s closest confidentes, have both been implicated in criminal activities, though indirectly.

Trump, on the other hand, has been accused of directly encouraging the concealment of incriminating documents and national security-related information.

In closing, as the indicted moves into the courtroom, several hard questions will need to be answered. How damning is the evidence against the President, and how severe are the alleged consequences?

What is the immediate fallout of the Miami indictment on the former President and his political brand? How will the Republican and Democratic parties react? The questions raised by the Miami indictment are both numerous and complex, but one that remains crystal clear is that no one is above the law.

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While legal proceedings may be emotionally charged, it is critical to keep political bias aside and consider the facts of the case. The charges against Trump are worrying, but the legal requirement is to judge solely based on the evidence presented. It falls upon the office of the prosecutor to provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

This indictment marks a significant moment in the history of American politics, showing that law supersedes individual power.

The Miami indictment’s severity makes it apparent that no person should be immune to the law’s consequences, not least those who once held the highest office in the United States. It is crucial to ensure that the ongoing legal process proceeds justly and fairly.


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