The changing science behind Covid-19

Dr. Fauci, who rose to stardom early last year for instructing the nation on proper Covid-19 protocol (as well as retracting on and amending said protocol several times) is catching fever-like heat over his recent insinuation that the origin of virus was, in fact, a Chinese bio-weapons lab in Wuhan. Not only is the criticism coming from lawmakers, but from the communist government of China itself; which is insisting that the Chief Medical Advisor is “fanning the flames” of an irresponsible and meritless claim. Needless to say, if China wants a lid put on something, it’s probably true. But most people worldwide not dependent on corporate news agencies likely already accepted the “lab-leak hypothesis” – which is much more a theory than a hypothesis now.

Fauci’s official stance on appropriate health guidelines have been as prone to mutation as a coronavirus itself: Stating first during the onset of the outbreak that human-to-human transmission was “unlikely” (as did the WHO), soon after accompanying those supposed findings with the bizarre and paradoxical claim that masks were ineffective (probably the truest thing he’s said), but that such masks ought to be reserved for health workers. Because, you know, health-workers really need resources that will do them no good. Right, doc?

But none of his prior claims could have come close to his long-held insistence that masks are the key to stemming the spread of the virus. A claim that became visibly untrue as the weeks and months of lock-downs and social-distancing policies progressed. As one might expect to see, states unlawfully mandating the restricting of public gatherings, quarantines on travelers, and masking while in stores and restaurants, continued to see higher case totals than those states who left personal, health-related decisions to their residence. Perhaps the government will issue a study on the long-term psychological damage of the paranoia induced by their superstitious policies?

But the good doctor’s about-faces don’t end at his pseudo-scientific procedural practices: Despite Fauci’s insistence that he was never involved in what is known as “gain of function research” in collaboration with Chinese researchers, it is now being revealed that no less than $600,000 made their way from the National Institutes of Health in the US to the Wuhan Institute of Virology through various intermediaries, according to several leading sources. These revelations have only intensified demands for Fauci to hang up his coat and vacate his position.

The blunders and walk-backs of Fauci serve as a stark reminder that personal health-related decisions are best left to the individual, not to non-elected political appointees serving as mouthpieces for international organizations. Especially ones that are inconsistent in their “advice” that sometimes even flies in the face of previously established medical precedent. If a doctor tells you a cloth mask will stop a virus, but the package of masks says it won’t, which do you believe?


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